Red Ivan Airsoft: Umarex G17 Gen4 & G19 Gen3


Are the Glock 17 Gen 4 and Glock 19 Gen 3 two of the best airsoft Glocks in the market right now? Red Ivan Airsoft got these two GBB pistols to tell what he thinks... "Hello, Comrades, in this video we will talk about Glock licensed Umarex Glock 17gen4 and Glock 19gen3 replicas. We will talk about other companies producing replicas of this extremely popular pistol, discuss the main features of Umarex products specifically and of course shoot a little bit."

GBF Killer Innovations G17 Gas Gel Blaster Pistol


X-Force Tactical feature another gel blaster pistol in the form of the custom GBF Killer Innovations G17 Gas Gel Blaster Pistol... "We bring you some of the latest pistols to have landed from GBF, the Killer Innovations Glock 17 is a fully customized gas blow back pistol for those that want something special without doing the work themselves. It comes with all the bells n whistles and for half the price of doing it yourself."

WE G17 CNC IPSC GBB Pistol At Jeidanten


Jeidanten gives us an overview of the WE G17 CNC IPSC GBB Pistol that they have in stock. For Action Air shooters who are looking for a Glock GBB pistol to use that is ready out of the box, this can be an option. This has an initial muzzle velocity of 90~100 m/s, 296~328 fps, 0.81~1j.

CAAAD: G17 Plus Roni


The CAA Airsoft Division features the Roni kit in action with the real deal Glock 17 pistol installed and they announce that they have an airsoft version that comes packaged with the WE G17 GBB Pistol... "The RONI G1 Pistol-Carbine Conversion is ergonomic designed and equipped with ambidextrous front and rear sling mounts, and large charging handle. Charging the weapon is easy and it is user friendly to both left and right handed operators.

Airsoft Mike Unboxes The WE G17 DeadPool GBB Pistol


Another package from Swit Airsoft for Airsoft Mike to unbox and it is a Deadpool Gas Blowback Pistol with a WE G17 as base. According to Swit Airoft this was made using a special high computer transfer printing artwork and features a hot-style of 'Aged-black' process the outer barrel; Pro Plus metal magwell; the extension housing and the high-end new bottom base pad are attractive; and each gun has a unique serial number.

Strike Industries ARK G17 Airsoft Pistol


CRW Airsoft previews the Strike Industries ARK G17 Gas Blowback Pistol. This is a Glock 17 GBB Pistol that has been equipped with the Strike Industries ARK Slide, Frame and Barrel made for it. Pre-orders are being taken and should be available this January 2020 at the earliest. G&P is the official distributor in Hong Kong.

WE Airsoft G17 Gen V GBB Pistol


Would you still get unlicensed versions if there are licensed ones in the market? Well, sometimes curiousity  get the better of L'Antre du Dingo so he gets one to review... "Do you understand why WE would release GEN 5 'non-glocks' when we can finally get official products? Neither do I, but I wanted to see what's inside those 'new' G17s!"

Airsoft GI: Elite Force G17 & G19 GBBs


After Diles46, Cisco of Airsoft GI shows the fully-licensed G17 and 19 Gas Blowback Pistols from Elite Force... "That's right, it's finally happening! After years of unanswered demand, we're very excited to give you an exclusive look at the first officially licensed GLOCK airsoft guns on the market - brought to you by Elite Force! A huge thanks to Cliff from Elite Force/Umarex for swinging by the office after a very busy day at Airsoftcon!"

Airsoft Mike: AW VX0101 Hex Cut G17


Airsoft Mike checks out the Armorer Works VX1010 Hex Cut Signature G17 GBB Pistol in this video review... "Armorer Works are at it again with the all new VX Series! It's a G17 but cut with style! Join me as I unbox, drool and carry out a shooting test in my all new Airsoft Shooting range!"

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