One Grunt's Opinion Live Show Ep. 5.5


It's episode 5.5 for the One Grunt's Opinion Live Show on Facebook. No song and dance numbers from Darkhorse himself but he does have good topics to talk about such as the new Airsoft Innovations XL Burts, his med kit, events, and more... "OGO Live Show Episode 5.5:

OGO: Using Smoke Grenades In Airsoft


Another video from One Grunt's Opinion on Facebook in which Darkhorse talks about the use of smoke grenades in airsoft games... "Made a little video to talk about using smoke in airsoft. Hopefully you find it helpful and you add it to your bag of tricks. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more videos like this."

One Grunt's Opinion 2016 Predictions


Darkhorse gazes into the crystal ball to find out what's in store for airsoft in 2016... "Now it's pretty natural to see things come and go in the airsoft world. So this is no shocking announcement. But I do believe that this years shifting of the airsoft world sands will be more significant then in years prior.

The biggest ripples will come from changes in event producers along with the all out extinction of some. Businesses will fall as some see the economy back in a slump. That's a debatable one to look at.

Why Does Everyone REALLY Hate PolarStars?


Darkhorse of One Grunt's Opinion (shown here with a PolarStar powered Rifle that uses an AirStock) shared this link about the controversy on the use of PolarStar-powered airsoft rifles in the field as written by Tricklowe of Jericho Airsoft... "there have been many things hated on in the airsoft community, but once Polarstars were introduced, we really had an ABSOLUTE WHINE-FEST on our hands.

OGO: Can You Crack The MWS Code?


Have the knack of breaking code? One Grunt's Opnion wants you to crack the code from Milsim West on Facebook and better read the instructions well before you start posting the answer... "How observant have you been? The MSW universe is talking to you. Post 'Meet you at the rally point OGO.' Once you figure it out. Don't just post the answer in the comments."

MSW Goes East With "Raid On Rostov"


One Grunt's Opinion breaks the news of Milsim West going to the East Coast with a milsim event... "Scoop of the year here guys. Waterboarding was successful and I intercepted some enemy communications. MSW is going east for 'Raid on Rostov' on June 26-28 in Darlington, SC. I also cracked the code for the exact secret location. The observant fans will figure it out. I might tell the rest of you tomorrow."

OGO Opinions All On Facebook


Haha! Better share the Facebook page containing all the links to the written opinions of Darkhorse, the man behind One Grunt's Opinion lest you put airsoft at great risk if you don't... "Finally all my old opinions updated and centralized in the notes section of the OGO Facebook page. Now it is time for new opinions to start rolling. Please share the link and get guys spreading the word

OGO On Blacksheep's PTSD-Milsim Challenge


Word is out on the Indiegogo Project of Blacksheep Milsim called the PSTD-Milsim Challenge. This project will try to raise US$250,000 via crowdfunding to fund the event development and the PTSD Awareness Campaign. It is indeed a big amount to raise within 60 days and thus more support is being called for to meet the funding goal.

OGO's "Darkhorse" To Join Amped Airsoft


Some news from Javier "Darkhorse" Franco of One Grunt's Opinion as he's moving to Pittsburgh to join the Amped Airsoft team. We wish him all the luck and we look forward to more of his musings and reports at One Grunt's Opinion. Here's his official announcement... "Well. You won't have to wait until tomorrow for my exciting news.

In about a week and a half I will be starting a new job.

OGO: OP Faded Giant 2 Photos


Darkhorse of One Grunt's Opinion shared to us the photos he took when he was at the Operation Faded Giant 2 organised by American MilSim last 8 to 9 November 2013 at the GTI in Barnwell, South Carolina. This is a massive industrial complex for training purposes and if you have just played COD Ghosts, you might as well imagine you're inside the "Factory" trying to look for those space-based missiles that will be fired from the enemy military Space Station, Loki.

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