CowCow: TM M&P9L Blowback Housing


CowCow Technology release their Ultra-Lightweight Blowback Housing for the Tokyo Marui M&P9L Gas Blowback Pistol... "Ultra-Light Blowback Housing is precision CNC machined from aluminum for enhancing durability and quality. Weighing in at just 17 grams, this blowback housing will improve the cycling action as well as gas transmission and provides smooth and fast blowback action, with better gas efficiency while using this blowback housing.

UAC TM G17 Blowback Housing Version 2


Ultimate Airsoft Custom (UAC) sent in their latest product release, the UAC Lightweight Blowback Housing for TM G17 V2... "Constructed by one piece 6061 Aluminum. Advanced O-ring system is used while remain lightweight at only 19g. Provide smooth and fast blowback cycle. Designed and fit for standardize UAC-TM-00029 O-ring and easy for maintenance. Compatible for stock / reinforced plastic nozzle and work best with UAC aluminum nozzle.

New Products From Ultimate Airsoft Custom


Looks like a good number of products have been released by Ultimate Airsoft Custom (UAC) that should make those looking into upgrading their Glock 17, Glock 18c, M&P9 and USP Compact Gas Blowback Pistols happy. Check out these G17 Adjustable Sight Set,  Fiber Optic Sight For TM USP Compact, Aluminium Piston Head For TM M&P9 & USP, and Ultra Lightweight Blowback Housing For Tokyo Marui G18C.

WGC Shop: VFC VR16 Saber GBB Rifles


WGC Shop start our week with the news that they have the new VFC VR16 Saber Gas Blowback Rifles in stock. These GBBs have a new receiver that accepts real-sizes buffer tubes/stocks. It also has a new steel hammer, new loading nozzle with adjustable gas output and new hop-up chamber that uses GBB Pistol-style hop packing.

New UAC TM P226 Blowback Housing


Alvan from Ultimate Airsoft Custom (UAC) sent in news over the weekend about their bew product designed for the Tokyo Marui P226 Gas Blowback Pistol. Interestedf resellers and customers can contact them for orders now to be one of the first to get their allocations... "UAC proudly present the first after-market TM P226 Blowback Housing. Coming soon in a couple weeks time.

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