TNT Studio Upgrade Of The ARES Airsoft Lee Enfield


Neo035 disassembles and upgrades the ARES Airsoft Lee Enfield rifle with the TNT Studio Kit. The upgrade kit, as a standard, includes an S+ 545mm precision double inner diameter eclipse air cushion inner tube and new HLR rubber. You also have the option to choose TR-HOP rubber. This enhancement makes your ARES Lee Enfield No.4 more potent, delivering outstanding high-performance whether you’re in a game or practicing your target shooting.

G&G Armament LE4 MK1 On Pre-Order


G&G Armament sent in news last week that they are taking pre-orders for the LE4 MK1, based on the iconic Lee-Enfield rifle... "Official Release Announcement: the long-awaited new G&G LE4 MK1 will be available in stores worldwide starting November 2022.

RWTV: ARES Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1/(T) & L42A1


RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) got a "Best of British" episode showing airsoft guns based on two iconic British guns made by Ares Airsoft... "It cannot get anymore British than this! ARES brings us not one, not two but THREE Lee Enfield spring powered airsoft snipers rifles at once! Made of an utterly gorgeous full wood and steel body with the performance to match, Andrew and the team give you a unique three in one review of these British icons."

DTW Airsoft On The S&T Lee Enfield No.1 MKIII


It looks like DTW Airsoft is happy to have his hands on the S&T Lee Enfield No.1 MKIII airsoft rifle... "Finally I have got my hands on the long awated S&T Lee enfield No.1 MKIII.

This is a spring powered bolt action rifle that on the airsoft field would be classed as a sniper rifle. Not only does this thing look fantastic but S&T have also made this a solidly built rifle. This could be a great addition for anyone who does British WW2 loadouts."

Scoutthedoggie: Lee Enfield Airsoft Action


Scoutthedoggie films airsoft players armed with airsoft Lee Enfields in Scotland... "I spotted two Snipers, near the end of a game, I followed, they both got hit, just as I noticed another two players, each with a brand new S&T Lee Enfield.  This video was recorded in one take, real airsoft in Scotland."

S&T SMLE Mk. III Spring Rifle Review


World War 1 Airsoft does a review of the S&T SMLE Mk. III, which is based on the most popular Lee–Enfield rifle model... "My review of the new S&T SMLE Mk. III airsoft spring rifle. Overall good quality, needs alot of work to make it look authentic. You can get this rifle from and"

RWA Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1 Review


Flublud does the first independent review of the RWA Lee Enfield No. MK1 Airsoft Rifle and it is detailed review. Highly suggested for those who are collecting such type of airsoft guns when making a purchase decision... "My long awaited review of the RWA/Viva Arms Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1. A unique gun with gorgeous externals and a genuinely promising design but comes with several caveats that should be considered before you splash $569 on this piece of history."

The Latest from [The Gun Corner]


Two videos right now from's The Gun Corner. The first video is the G&P M4 Paratrooper AEG which should be good for those looking for a very handy airsoft gun for CQB games or even as backup for snipers. The second one is the Matrix Lee-Enfield Bolt Action Gas Rifle which they are selling under the Matrix brand.

If interested, you can go to their product pages:

KTW Lee Enfield No. 4 Rifle at RedWolf


Collectors and reenactors would love to have this as RedWolf Airsoft is selling this, though as of this writing, it's out of stock. But you can check the link from time to time, provided that you have US$1,420.00 to spare, which is a lot of money to save up to get this replica...

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