New Metal EXD Back Up Sights From Mission First Tactical


Backup sights are always important as electronic aiming devices can fail anytime. Mission First Tactical got their new EXD Backup sights now available at their store. These are designed to be a reliable and simple option for situations where your primary red dot sight fails. Made from steel for durability, these sights fold flat under most optics but are quickly deployed when needed.

Mission First Tactical MFT Translucent EXD Magazines


It would be nice for the Airsoft manufacturers pick up on this and make coloured and translucent magazines such as these Mission First Tactical Translucent EXD Magazines for real steel use... "MFT Translucent EXD Magazine - Clear visual confirmation of round count and ammo type, textured to eliminate shine. Next-generation AR15/M4 magazine that utilizes new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability.

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