Andrea Kriminal reviews the NPO AEG AS Val AEG. Many of you probably know by now that the NPO AEG is a Russian airsoft company that provides airsoft guns based on Soviet and Russian weapon designs. Whilst there are other replicas of the AS Val, NPO AEG uses materials closer to the real thing and command a price. So what do the Italians think of this AEG? Find out below as you can follow this review since they provided English subs.

Mach Sakai: LCT Airsoft AS Val Quick Review


A quick review by Mach Sakai of the LCT Airsoft AS Valm AEG which is available in Japan right now. He appreciates the extensive use of metal on the AEG; and feels heavy and solid. He goes over the finer features of the AEG which for most fans of AKs, the controls are something that they can be familiar with.

Read more here and below is the video of the quick review without the live fire intro.

LCT Airsoft & NPO-AEG AS Val Comparison


Last 19 December, the Red Army Airsoft Club posted a video showing a comparison of two high quality AS Val AEGs in the market today. Turn on your language captions since the review is done in the Russian language as Alexander gives a 10-minute video of the LCT Airsoft and NPO-AEG AS Val AEG comparison.

SCDTV 's LCT Airsoft AS Val AEG Review


Finally, the review's been done and the video now online. SCDTV's review of the LCT Airsoft AS Val AEG can now be viewed so prepare for an almost half an hour going through the product... "LCT AS VAL, after months of goofing around Dudek and Adi managed to film the review, providing Irek with tons of gigabytes of files he could work on during his legen-wait for it- dary sleepless nights!

Ladies, here's SCDTV's LCT VAL review! A long one ;)."

SCDTV: LCT AS Val Review Trailer


This is something to look forward to, a review of the LCT Airsoft AS Val AEG by our buddies from that famous Polish airsoft YouTube Channel SCDTV. This is a teaser of their upcoming review as they are probably doing some editing of the review after putting the AEG through its paces. Stick around and visit their YouTube Channel regularly to check if the review is already up and other videos they have posted.

King Arms Basic Rail for VSS, VAL & SR3-M


King Arms announce the availability of the King Arms Basic Rail for VSS, VAL & SR3-M. Interested resellers can get in touch of them now on placing bulk orders and pricing... "Basic Rail is designed for installation of addition equipment for weapons include grenade launcher, tactical light, laser pointer, bipod, etc. Compatible with VSS, AS VAL or SR3-M."

LCT PP-19 Bizon AEG, VSS & VAL Parts


Owners of LCT Airsoft AS Val and VSS Vintorez AEGs can now look forward to getting replacement parts for the rifle as the company announced that they have released parts this week. These cover pistol grips, handguard, and high capacity magazines. And soon we get another choice for a PP-19 Bizon airsoft gun as they will be releasing their own vesion too.

NPO-AEG AS Val 2014 AEG Review


The first part of 2014, Russian designed-rifles seemed to be flavours as left and right, airsoft companies are coming out with their versions of the AS Val and the VSS Vintorez. The Russians also have their own offering, with their home grown NPO-AEG's AS Val. Red Army Airsoft Club gives us review of this AEG.Better use your online translation tooks as this review was done in Russian.

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