DIY Airsoft Carbon Fiber Suppressor


The Blind Sniper gives tips on how to build yoour own Carbon Fiber Suppressor for use in airsoft guns... "Here is another easy project for you; A carbon fiber, foam-filled suppressor for your airsoft gun! Its easier than you think and gives your suppressor/replica a sleek look!"

Curlys Airsoft: $20 Homemade Airsoft Grenade


Curlys Airsoft shows you how to make your own airsoft hand grenade in this video... "This is my how to video for the Mk-7 BFG. I searched far and wide for a good DIY video for a decent airsoft grenade and when I came up short I felt like I needed to make one so here it is. I do sell them and encourage people to buy one over making your own because it helps me continue to experiment and improve on the design.

Home Made Airsoft Target Box For Use


Your trigger finger getting more itchy during lockdown? Get some trigger time if you have enough space at home and you are sure you won't bother everyone there as well as your neighbours. JJ Works has this short video showing you how to make an airsoft target box... "A cardboard target that can be easily made in a short time. Ingredients can be made right from the ones at home.

How To Make Your Own Airsoft Suppressor


Backdraft Productions does a video showing how to make and paint an airsoft suppressor. Files are also included for you to download if you want to make one... "Today I show you how to test out an airsoft paint job on a homemade suppressor!

I wanted to put a suppressor on my airsoft gun, but they all cost so much that I decided to make my own! I realized that if I print multiple, I could test out some paint jobs before I put them on my gun."

No Sewing DIY Clothing Mask By Moondog


Perhaps when you visit YouTube, you probably have been inundated with all these howto videos to make masks to protect yourselves against the coronavirus. But you might not mind if a video to make one comes from an airsofter himself. Tom del Mundo, known as Moondog to his mates and behind Moondog Industries and NYC Airsoft, shows you how to make a mask without the need for sewing skills... "My tutorial on turning an old T-shirt into COVID-19 face masks without sewing.

DIY Airsoft HALO Plasma Rifle


Spartan Jess, The Halo Airsofting Spartan, explains how he put together his own Airsoft HALO Plasma Rifle... "As a 1,000 subscriber special video! I present another Halo airsoft conversion. After finding out that the costume and prop making company "Disguise" creates and sells hollow Plasma Rifle props, I couldn't resist creating an airsoft gun out of one. unfortunately the plasma rifle prop isn't the biggest prop, or even to scale compared to its true counterpart. But it definitely works as an airsoft pistol.

How To Cerakote At Home Part 1


Bespoke Airsoft puts up a guide for those who want to do Cerakote on their airsoft guns themselves rather than availing of services offered by custom airsoft gun makers... "Can you Cerakote at home. Short answer yes you can of course but how easy is it to do and what equipment is essential?

Find out in this two part series. Couldnt find any informative videos from UK users so decided to make a guide."

Airsoft Face Protection DIY Tutorial


The Brain Exploder does a DIY tutorial to help airsoft players make their own face protection... "Tired of bulky mask or ones that allow no air in. This solution fixes both of those problems but not without its own downsides. Join the chat and lets see if we can evolve this concept together.

The idea is to take the very oldschool technology of chainmail (chainmaille?) and use that same sword stopping material to dampen the energy of the BB and spread it out in the form of an airsoft mask."

Taajuus Airsoft: DIY Helmet Blower


Trying to figure out how to solve that fogging problem? Taajus Airsoft got an idea of putting a blower on his helmet. Will it work like the other eye pros with fans? We sure want this to work... "Tried everything but stil getting your goggles fogged? You need Helmet blower fan!"

Homemade Kingsman Machine Pistol Briefcase By Colin Furze


Colin Furze is back with another project as he recreates unique weapons seen in video games and films. His inspiration for this project is the Kingsman Machine Pistol Briefcase which has a hidden Uzi SMG inside and can be fired without opening the briefcase. Of course, he uses an airsoft Uzi for this project.

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