3D-Printed XE-15 Cheap Anti-Tank Launcher For Airsoft


Pantheon Tactical Airsoft shows the X-E15 CAT,  a 3D-printed cheap anti-tank (CAT) launcher just for airsoft use... "This item is a perfect build for your airsoft loadout for 2023. Its one of the cheapest 40mm launchers on the market. And can be made in your own home if you own a 3d printer. The files for this item is found on thingiverse."

The $20 The XE-15 'CAT' Airsoft Rocket Launcher


Explosive Enterprises feature and inexpensive rocket launcher that can be used for airsoft purposes... "Today we're going to take a look at one of our scratch-built airsoft projects, the XE-15 Cheap Anti-Tank, or CAT. We'll take a look at the design of this rocket launcher, and also get into a full build tutorial at the end of the video.

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