Moondog's MidTen Tactical M-LOK Bipod Review


Review from Moondog Industries is about the MidTen Tactical M-LOK Bipod that can be procured from Amazon or from the official store... "DISCLOSURE: This product was provided by CVLife to review without prior expectations of my findings. MidTen may be the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for CVLife. It is available through the CVLife website but only available on Amazon as the Midten.

Use A Rifle Scope As A Spotting Scope


Moondog talks about using the rifle scope that you carry with you to a game as a spotting scope to help your sniper body select targets... "A cheap and simple way to convert an unused rifle scope into a useful spotting scope using inexpensive camera gear."

Moondog: How Good Is A $4 Taclight?


Short answer, not good. But let's watch Tom of Moondog Industries try out a US$4 taclight he got from seller on Aliexpress... "The LitWod product description claims 6200LM but that's impossible out of this CREE type and battery?! The light started smoking after less than 60 seconds of continuous high mode, went dim, and now won't turn on at all.

Operation "Bad Blood 2020" 3-4 October


The customer appreciation and charity event in the East Coast organised with Moondog Industries, Operation "Bad Blood 2020" is set to be held on 3-4 October 2020 at EMR Event Park in New Milford, PA. Four factions will clash to claim the bounty for the new Ebola virus strain sample... " is coming to the East Coast to hold their annual customer appreciation game, co-produced by Moondog Industries and EMR.

No Sewing DIY Clothing Mask By Moondog


Perhaps when you visit YouTube, you probably have been inundated with all these howto videos to make masks to protect yourselves against the coronavirus. But you might not mind if a video to make one comes from an airsofter himself. Tom del Mundo, known as Moondog to his mates and behind Moondog Industries and NYC Airsoft, shows you how to make a mask without the need for sewing skills... "My tutorial on turning an old T-shirt into COVID-19 face masks without sewing.

Op Bad Blood 2019: 12K For Charity


Tom Del Mundo of Moondog Industries posted a check of US$12,340 made by as donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This amount was raised during Operation Bad Blood 2019, the East Coast appreciation game hosted by together with Moondog Industries, NYC Airsoft, and EMR Event Park last month... "Thanks to everybody who attended and helped me produce OP: Bad Blood this June. We raised over $12,000 for charity!"

Valken At Operation Bad Blood 2019


Valken Tactical got their own video from the East Coast Appreciation Game, Operation Bad Blood 2019... " presents Bad Blood 2019 hosted at EMR Event Park in New Milford, Pennsylvania from June 21-23, 2019. The game was designed and managed by Moondog from NYC Airsoft, and over 1,000 players were in attendance!

DesertFox Airsoft: Evil Airsoft Sniper


Continuation of DesertFox Airsoft's coverage of the Bad Blood 2018 hosted by in cooperation with Moondog Industries, NYC Airsoft, and EMR... "Evil Airsoft Sniper game play from's Bad Blood 2018. In this video I'm using the Novritsch SSG24 bolt action airsoft sniper rifle and an Echo 1 USA Timberwolf gas blow back handgun."

Evike This Is Airsoft: Bad Blood 2018


Video highlights of the Bad Blood 2018 by's "This is Airsoft" episode. This took place last 22-24 June 2018 at the EMR Event Park in Pennsylvania with the venue an official partner of this event. Bad Blood is long running game organised by Moondog Industries and supported by and NYC Airsoft.

Part of the proceeds raised from the event will be donated to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund).

Tantalum Contract 7 Tickets Now Available


The PMCs are back to battle for a precious resources. The Tantalum Contract 7 organised by Moondog Industries and is set to take place on the 4th of November 2017 at the Cobra One Tactical in Green Meadons, New Jersey. Get your tickets now and choose which PMC group you want... "The Tantalum Contract is a MilSim game set in the shadowy world of Private Military Contractors in Africa. This game is for players who can role-play and that can handle more realistic wounding and kill rules.

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