Nonocat: Workerkit X-Wildbee Carrier & Samurai Armour Overview


Watch Nonocat in 4K glory as she gives an overview of the Workerkit X-Wildbee Carrier & Samurai Armour. This is comprised of the X-Wildbee Plate Carrier, Samurai Tactical Shoulder Armor, and Samurai Tactical Arm Bracers. The face guard is a Laylax AeroFlex Faceguard... "Nonocat Deflects BBs and Blocks her way to victory with the Steel Plated WorkerKit Armour!"

Introduction To WorkerKit UTA Gear


The P.O. Channel introduces us to WorkerKit Gear. Made in China, they ship to Japan, US and EU. They have an assortment of gear for interested airsoft players including the UTA X-Merlin Plate Carrier Tactical Loadout Gear with Flatpack, AR Lightweight Tactical Hunting Gloves, and UTA Carbon Fiber Tactical Ratel Helmet.

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09 Aug 2022

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