WELL PRO PPK-20 AEG Japan Version


A quick review by the HTG Channel WELL PRO PPK-20 AEG that has been tweaked to meet Japanese regulations... "A high-performance air gun that precisely reproduces the latest Russian submachine gun! Fastest review of WELL PRO PPK-20 (equipped with pre-cocking electronic trigger/JP.Ver)."

Difference Between AK-103, AK-203, AK-15 & PPK-20


A real steel lesson for today as Kalashnikov Media talks about the differences of the following weapons they make: AK-103, AK-203, AK-15, and the PPK-20... "In this video, we are going to answer one of the frequently asked questions — what are the actual differences between Russian Kalashnikov AK-103, AK-203, AK-15 and PPK-20 submachine gun."

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