Custom HPA-Tapped Tokyo Marui M870 Airsoft Shotgun


Wyhaq shows his custom Tokyo Marui M870 which he turned into an HPA-powered airsoft shotgun... "In this video, I show off my custom tokyo marui m870 hpa tapped airsoft replica. This is the full size cut to length, this is not the breacher. This is a great option for milsim and speedsoft speedqb competitions and tournaments."

Lancer Tactical Gen 3 AEGs


Wyhaq takes a look at third gen airsoft guns from Lancer Tactical if they offer improvements over previous generations... "This video is an overview of the newer gen 3 airsoft toys from lancer tactical. These are sportline AEG toys with mostly polymer externals, and metal hardware and internals. These are perfect for milsim and speedqb speedsoft games at airsoft fields and arenas."

CowCow Enhanced Plastic Nozzle Set For AAP-01 Install


Wyhaq's latest tech guide is how to install the CowCow Enhanced Plastic Nozzle Set For AAP-01 GBB Pistol... "This video is a walkthrough install modification mod guide for installing the full cowcow aftermarket nozzle set for the aap-01 airsoft toy by action army. This video is also useful for other nozzle replacements and that sort of thing for gas blowback airsoft toys."

Installing An Airsoft Masterpiece Slide For TM Hi-Capa


Wyhaq does a tutorial for owners of the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Series who want to install a different slide such as the Airsoft Masterpiece Slide... "In this video, I show how to install the airsoft masterpiece aluminum 5.1 slide onto the tokyo marui gold match hi-capa. This guide will work for all tokoy marui hicapa airsoft toys, and can be adapted to be used with other brands like WE and such. This is a simple guide for airsoft hi-capa builds.

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