Action Army AAP-01 Vs WE Airsoft Galaxy G Series


Wyhaq Action Army AAP-01 Vs WE Airsoft Galaxy G Series

Wyhaq gives his thoughts on two GBB pistols in the market and further information on these... "In this video, I compare and give my thoughts on the action army aap-01 and the WE galaxy airsoft toys.

I go by Wyhaq here on youtube and on social media platforms. Pronounce my callsign however you like, but I pronounce it as: Why-Hack. I like providing educational resources for all things airsoft, and I might sprinkle in some airsoft entertainment from time to time. The main airsoft toys that this channel will focus on will include the AAP-01 by Action Army (my current favorite platform), the G-Series by Tokyo Marui, and the Hi-Capa by Tokyo Marui. I work for a local airsoft arena and retail, and am a tech for g-series, hicapa, and aap-01. No toys used in my videos are customer’s property.

Toys used in my videos come from three sources: my collection, shop customs, and shop commissions. My goal here on youtube is to provide a family friendly source of education for the airsoft community. I may do videos on product, news, tech stuff, gameplay, interviews, tours, and competition. I am here to help, if you have any questions or video requests, make sure to let me know in the comments section. As I am a college student, I can’t go spending money willy nilly. Video requests on stuff I don’t have ready access to may take some time."

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