Airsoft Practical Shooting Event At Makati Warzone


Redmantoys Airsoft shows us the airsoft practical shootitng/action air event that took place last month at Makati Warzone. Makati Warzone is a CQB airsoft game facility managed by War Pigs. It is right smack in the City of Makati in Metro Manila, the financial centre of the Philippines... "Sharing the Stage setup and some of my runs on the Makati Warzone APS Competition that was held last Aug. 07, 2022."

State of Action Air IPSC in the UK


In this episode of Outdoor Technica, Arius discusses the state of Action Air (IPSC's airsoft practical shooting discipline) in the United Kingdom... "We talk about the state of Action Air IPSC in the United Kingdom. What we are currently experiencing as a community. Why talk about why we think it is in the state that it is. And what we can do to help resolve the issues we're facing currently."

XPSC Action Air Summer Championships Match Overview


Arius of got footages of the XPSC Summer Championships, an action air competition that took place in Hampshire... "Arius introduces the XPSC Summer Championship IPSC Action Air match held by Blue Fieldsports at their “facility” in Hampshire.  The match overview gives you the details of the stages and setup with the playlist linked below showing a selection of the competitors across all 12 stages with all the action in individual videos."

Dutch Open 2020 International Airsoft Practical Shooting Cancelled


One of the biggest events in action air, the Dutch Open, hosted by the International Airsoft Practical Shooting group of the NABV, is cancelled for this year. We were expecting an announcement on the 1st of September if it is a go or not, but it seems with the rising Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands and other European countries, they decided to announce it earlier.

Below is their official announcement on Facebook: Airsoft Surgeon Championship 2020 Highlights

OptimusPrime released their video showing the highlights of the Airsoft Surgeon Championship 2020 that took place in February this year at the British Shooting Show... "The British Shooting Show this year saw the addition of the Airsoft Surgeon Championships, a highlight of the IPSC Action Air calender!

With competitors attending from all over the world and stages that would usually be seen at a level 5 world shoot, it made for an exciting competition.

PewHub TV: Action Air Shooting Drills At Home


If you're an IPSC or Action Air shooter who doesn't want to get his/her shooting skills get rusty, airsoft is always your friend. In this video, PewHub TV talks about shooting drills that you can do at home, especially that you can't go out due to lockdowns or quarantine orders... "In this video, Tarik Merryface, the in-house Pewhub newbie looks at how he can hone his skills in IPSC shooting."

10 Questions For Action Air Shooters


Kai put together this video taken during the Airsoft Surgeon 2020 Championship Shield Cup that took place last month during the British Shooting Show at the Birmingham NEC. Watch what Action Air shooters say about their sport and why you as an airsoft player should consider this discipline too... "IPSC Action Air Shooters being interviewed at Airsoft Surgeon Championship 2020 Shield Cup.

FRL Media: Airsoft Surgeon 2020 Shield Cup


FRL Media does an interview with Clarence Lai, the Airsoft Surgeon and Chris Kong of RedWolf Airsoft during the Airsoft Surgeon 2020 Championship Shield Cup held at the British Shooting Show last month... "We talk to Chris Kong and Clarence Lai about the Airsoft Surgeon Shield Cup Action Air Championships held at the 2020 British Shooting Show

FRL Magazine and Media Network is the finest online Rural Magazine covering everything to do with Rural Britain."

AS Championships 2020 Registration Now Open


Shooters who want to join in the Airsoft Surgeon Championships 2020 in February can now register. The event will be held at the NEC Birmingham during the British Shooting Show... "This page is where you provisionally reserve your entry/entries into the Airsoft Surgeon 2020 Shield Cup at the NEC in Birmingham, England.

For each shooter, complete their details and then click the “Add” button if you wish to add another (a “Remove” button will let you remove it again if you wish).

Putting Together An Action Air Kit


Maciej Piwowarski, prominent Polish Action Air Shooter, shows you how to put together an Action Air kit in this Gunfire video. Action Air is the designation for Airsoft Practical Shooting by the IPSC... "Are you interested in the subject of IPSC Action Air? Our player Maciej Piwowarski presents what equipment is needed to start competitions."

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