"Are $10 Radios Good Enough?"


Will cheap radios good enough to use in airsoft games. Damascus Airsoft checks them out... "Be it camping, traveling or playing airsoft, radios/walkie talkies are a fantastic way to keep in touch with your team members and family, so let's see what the Bf888s radios have in store for us for only $10 each. Enjoy!"

Beginners Guide To Airsoft Episode 3


We always post beginner guides here as they evolve through the years. In episode 3 of Damascus Airsoft's guide for beginners, he talks about loadout... "Welcome back to the Beginners Guide to Airsoft! This video I'm giving all of you an in depth look into my current load-out and why I chose all of my equipment. Hopefully this helps you understand the use case for these different pieces of equipment better and it helps you decide how you want to build your very own custom load-out."

Damascus Airsoft On The CYMA M870 Shotgun


Another review of the full metal CYMA M870 airsoft shotgun done by Damascus Airsoft this time... "This video we're taking a look at the CYMA M870 Full Metal Shotgun. This shotgun was lent to me by my good friend Caleb that was in the video so I could make this review. This shotgun is a great alternative for anybody that’s trying to change things up in you airsoft game for a low price tag. Hope you guys like it!"

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