Airsoft for Dummies: Safety Gear & Secondary


Airsoft2Go got an "Airsoft for Dummies" series and they talk about safety fear and secondaries for airsoft players to consider... "Today we start our new video series Airsoft for Dummies with our Airsoft Oldie Immo and Dummie Momber. At Airsoft for Dummies we will deal with all the questions that a beginner in Airsoft can ask and, together with Momber, gradually become more experienced Airsoft players, while we will put together a beginner loadout with Momber.

Specna Arms SA-H22 2.0 & SA-H23 EDGE 2.0 Aster Edition


Airsoft2go goes over the various features of the Specna Arms SA-H22 2.0 & SA-H23 EDGE 2.0 AEGs that come with the Gate Electronics Aster MOSFET... "Immo takes a look at the new Specna Arms models in our range. What is included, what does the gearbox and other parts look like and how do the 2 weapons shoot?"

Tokyo Marui P226 E2 GBB The Best Airsoft P226?


Many players consider it to be standard, given that the Japanese airsoft company's products are the standards that many want their airsoft guns to be, it is not surprising. Airsoft2Go go over the Tokyo Marui P226 E2 GBB Pistol in this video... "Immo takes a look at the famous P226 Airsoft from Tokyo Marui."

G&G SR25 E2 AEG At Airsoft2Go


Airsoft2Go show the G&G S25 E2 AEG, which can be a recommended airsoft DMR, that they have in stock... "Immo grabbed the G&G SR25 E2 and not only put it under the microscope, but also equipped it so that it would be ready to play as a DMR. An almost perfect DMR? You can find out in this video."

VFC MK18 Supreme Light & Titan And Maple Leaf Editions


Airsoft2go got versions of the VFC MK18 AEGs that come equipped with upgrades to improve performance in the field... "The Supreme Light has, in addition to the Gate Titan and the Maple Leaf Internals, a 14 steel tooth piston, 13: 1 speed gears and a torque up motor are installed. According to them since the pneumatics and the hop-up function excellently in the VFC Mk18, only the system itself is optimized here.

APS AK Tactical With GATE Titan V3 MOSFET


Airsoft2go show the APS AK Tactical With GATE Titan V3 MOSFET that they available... "Immo today presents the new Tactical AKs from APS. The robust models come directly with the most modern electronic trigger unit: The GATE TITAN V3 Mosfet! The models are available in our online shop and in our shops."

Airsoft MOSFETs & Trigger Units


Airsoft2Go got different MOSFETs mainly from GATE Electronics and they explain how these work for the uninitiated... "Immo explains what a mosfet is for and what different types of mosfets or trigger units there are! Mosfets from GATE in our shop."

Maple Leaf Hop-Up Rubber & Tuning Barrel Install


Airsoft2go does a tutorial video to help guide you in installing the Maple Leaf Hop-Up Rubber and Tuning Barrel... "Immo is installing the new Maple Leaf MR Hop Up rubber and a Maple Leaf tuning barrel in a VFC HK416 in front of the camera! We tested the precision before and after. This simple upgrade improves the precision and range of any electric airsoft, whether M4, AK or G36 ... it is important that you get heavier BBs after the upgrade - 0.3g to 0.36g is optimal."

Gunmatic Visits The Airsoft2Go Shop


Is the Airsof2Go the best airsoft shop in Germany? Others may object as they have their own preference, but better hear out Gunmatic has to say as he visits the shop in this video which we believe was taken before social distancing measures were put into effect by German authorities during the outbreak... "AIRSOFT2GO one of the best shops in Germany. A must to go and a have a look.

*This Video is NOT sponsored by AIRSOFT2GO."

Airsoft2go TV ToGo Episode 1: New Classic Army Models


Airsoft2go got their first episode up on their YouTube channel and they feature some new airsoft guns from Classic Army, though two are re-releases from their old line and updated for the decade... "In the first episode of TV ToGo, Immo from Airsoft2go introduces the new Classic Army Airsoft models and takes a look inside the gearbox. Among other things, we discuss the T-Rex 9 SMG, the MP5, the FAL OSW and the Nemesis M4 models."

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