Airsoft for Dummies: Safety Gear & Secondary


Airsoft2go Airsoft for Dummies: Safety Gear & Secondary

Airsoft2Go got an "Airsoft for Dummies" series and they talk about safety fear and secondaries for airsoft players to consider... "Today we start our new video series Airsoft for Dummies with our Airsoft Oldie Immo and Dummie Momber. At Airsoft for Dummies we will deal with all the questions that a beginner in Airsoft can ask and, together with Momber, gradually become more experienced Airsoft players, while we will put together a beginner loadout with Momber.

In episode 1 we focus on the safety gear and the secondary for mombers beginner loadout. What do you have to pay attention to with safety gear, what types of drive are there for pistols and what are their advantages and disadvantages, how do I refill a GBB and how do I screw in CO2 capsules correctly.

Have fun with the first episode of Airsoft for Dummies!"

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