When The AR15 Meets The Sten


Royal Armouries goes over the MFR from Olympic Arms and it uses the Sten magazine... "Why on earth did Olympic Arms develop its AR-15 to use magazines from THE Second World War era, British sub-machine gun? Join Jonathan as he pulls apart this ‘PCR’ (politically correct rifle) featuring an AR15 body and Sten magazine."

VFC Olympic Arms AR15 GBB Review


Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft gives hit take on a rather GBB rifle from VFC, the Olympic Arms AR15... "This video looks at the VFC Olympic Arms AR15. Something that seems to have slipped under the radar over here in the UK. It's a really neat little package, utilising VFCs proven and reliable V3 gas system and is a very affordable way into the platform."

Custom Olympic Arms OA-93 GBB Rifle


WolfBodyArmory has another custom work, a Gas Blowback Olympic Arms OA-93 Rifle... "This is the finished version of the custom airsoft gas blowback OA-93. The kinks have been worked out and it has been painted and fitted. Its ready to be used on the fields now.

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