Replacing The Action Army AAP-01 Selector Switch


Next tutorial from Wyhaq with the AAP-01 GBB Pistol shows how to replace the External Selector... "This video I show how to install replacement upgrade tti selector switch charging handle for the action army aap-01 gas blowback replica. This is a much better selector switch than the stock one, and is significantly easier to use and is an external switch rather than an internal one. These will increase ease of use, fit and finish, and just style overall.

TBS: VFC SCAR-L Ambi Selector Guide


From the gearbox to the Ambidextrous Selector Switch, Team Blacksheep's Brian Holt gives us a better guide at understanding important components of the VFC SCAR-L AEG... "In this video Brian will show you how to remove the VFC SCAR-L selectors to get to the gearbox and then how to correctly install the selectors once the gearbox has been worked on."

PTS SSG Selector for M4 GBB-Rs


It's the airsoft market that gets the Magpul PTS SSG selectors for the M4 rifle whilst the real steel market only gets the version for the FN SCAR... "The PTS SSG Selectors – M4 GBBR are drop-in, dual sided selectors for the WA and G&P GBB family of weapons. Designed for users who demand more positive control of the selector, the PTS SSG are direct replacements for the WA / G&P selectors, and require no permanent modification to the weapon system.

Hephaestus Left Side Selector For GHK AK


aRick of Public Enemy is now back from Taiwan and his new video shows that his GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle has a new feature installed by Hephaestus. This is a left side selector switch, similar to Galil rifles, which makes it easier for you to put the rifle from safe to fire modes, and vice versa. It's not a standard feature in AK rifles so don't expect to be coming out from GHK.

Magpul SSG Set for FN SCAR


For the FN SCAR users, you can use this Magpul SSG Selector Set which costs US$19.95. While this is made for the real steel version, this may also fit airsoft versions with just some modding, if need be... "The Magpul SSG Selector Set are drop-in, dual sided selectors for the FN SCAR family of weapons.

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