APS Ghost Patrol Phantom Black With Edge II Gearbox


A quick demo of the Ghost Patrol Phantom Black with Edge II Gear box from APS... "It is the first APS AEG with the new Edge II gear box. Built in Micro fet and full upgraded internal parts is able withstand M140 spring, High Torque Motor and high power battery.

Patrol Base: APS Ghost Patrol Phantom AEG


Stu, in this livestreamed episode of Patrol Base, talks about the APS Ghost Patrol Phantom AEG that is available at their store... "In this video, Stu sits down with the APS Ghost Patrol Phantom, It's so hard to find a unique looking M4/AR15 AEG these days, thankfully companies such as APS have not lost their creative spark!"

APS Ghost Patrol Phantom Rifle Red With e-Silver Edge 2.0


The 0'20 Magazine crew go over the APS Ghost Patrol Phantom Rifle Red that is equipped with the e-Silver Edge 2.0 gearbox. This is a programable gearbox by simply pressing down the button underneath of the gear box. The user can select amongs five selector modes without the need for an external device such as a smartphone app or using the trigger, making it simpler and easier to select.

APS Ghost Patrol Phantom Rifle


Inspired by the movie "Tron" is the new APS Ghost Patrol Phantom Rifle that uses the e-Silver Edge 2.0 gearbox. You can order it directly from their online store for US$286.00, shipping costs not included or you can ask your nearest airsoft retailer when they are going to have this in stock.


RWTV: APS Ghost Patrol AEG


RedWolf Airsoft TV gets the first dibs in reviewing the latest AEG from APS, the APS ASR122 Ghost Patrol AEG. Find out what Marck West thinks about this AEG that takes its inspiration from the Call of Duty Ghosts... "This week Marck takes a look the CoD Ghosts inspired rifle, will it be good or is it just another M4 AEG with a face lift?"

APS Announce The ASR122 Ghost Patrol


APS add another AEG to their ASR family, and for those who miss Call of Duty Ghosts or the COD MW Ghost character, here is one that can go with that loadout, the ASR122 Ghost Patrol... "As you may noticed that APS didn’t make any new AR-15 AEG gun for a year.

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