What BBs Do To Exposed Skin


Something for airsofters, beginners and even experienced ones to watch. Airsoft Arena talk about the impact of BBs on exposed skin... "When it comes to airsoft BB's, theres plenty of footage and pictures of BB's getting stuck into skin and other crazy accidents.

Pistol vs. SMG: Pros & Cons


Airsoft Arena talks about the pros and cons when choosing a pistol or an SMG as a compact weapon for airsoft... "It should not be a surprise to anyone who plays airsoft that the indoor environments are more populated with pistol builds. However, there is ALOT of misconception about how well pistol builds actually work or how well they actually perform.

Airsoft Arena Urban Facility In Finland


Short video about the big airsoft CQB facility called Airsoft Arena that is located in Kerava, Finland, about 40 minutes north of Helsinki... "Airsoft Arena is the largest urban combat shooting range in Europe open all year round. The city was designed for tactical airsoft games. Lots of different combat modes, three-story buildings, more than 100 weapons, a unique reading of hits and scoring, as well as carefully selected protection make the gaming experience incredibly real and quality."

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