MP-40 Sub-Machine Gun Lego Version


Just for kicks, an MP-40 in Lego made by MyDifferentUserName (yes, that's his YouTube Channel Name)... "The Lego version of the MP-40 (Sub-Machine Gun) which was the standard SMG for the German Army during World War 2. Apparently, people in the comments have told me that Hugo Schmeisser held a patent on the magazine of the MP-40, and I didn't know this while making the video. Oopsie daisy.

MP-18 Submachine Gun Lego Version


MyDifferentUserName, who does all this Lego versions of firearms, features a Lego version of the MP-18 this time... "The Lego version of the MP-18 (SMG) which was the first practical sub-machine gun used in combat. It was introduced into service in 1918 during World War I as a primary weapon of the German assault groups who were trained in trench combat.

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