"5 Best Investments In Airsoft"


So, what are your five investments in airsoft? Is it your airsoft gun? Your camo uniform? Your awesome boots? There are really worthwhile investments in airsoft and perhaps you have even more than 5. The BB Warrior talks about his in this video... "Today we'll be talking about some of the best purchases you can make in airsoft!"

TBW: "7 Things I Wish I Knew"


Ever thought about this before playing airsoft? The BB Warrior has E House of Gun Gamers to talk about it and might give you some retrospective when you were starting out in airsoft... "Today I'm joined by Eric from Gun Gamers to talk about the 7 things we wish we knew when we first started playing airsoft!"

Lancer Tactical Battlehawk Gameplay


The BB Warrior gets to put the Lancer Tactical Battlehawk AEG to work in this gameplay video... "Today we're hitting the field with a gun I had way too much fun with; the Lancer Tactical Battlehawk PDW. Watch some highlights from the day, and see just how great this $200 AEG really is!"

Beez Combat Systems Radio Pouch Review


The BB Warrior takes a look at the Boafeng Radio Pouch made by Beez Combat Systems in this video review... "Today we'll be reviewing the Beez Combat Systems Baofeng Radio Pouch. BCS is predominately a LE/Mil focused company, who brings their gear making expertise to us airsofters with this pouch. Plus, it's 100% American made!"

ASG CZ P-09 Vs Elite Force 1911 TAC


The BB Warrior compares two of sought after airsoft pistols in the market, the ASG CZ P-09 and the Elite Force 1911 TAC... "Today we're putting two incredibly popular C02 pistols head to head: the ASG CZ P-09 VS the Elite Force 1911 TAC. Which do you like more? Let me know in the comments!"

The BB Warrior: Green Gas Vs CO2?


Another round of debate regarding the use gas propellants for airsoft whether gas blowbacks or non-blowbacks. The BB Warrior touches on this topic and perhaps he can enlighten us on the advantages and disadvantages of these... "Today we'll be discussing power sources for gas airsoft guns and seeing which is better: Green Gas or CO2!"

"5 Products You Shouldn't Cheap Out On"


There are items that you shouldn't scrimp on when buying gear for airsoft use. The BB Warrior knows 5 products where you should put more money on so watch his video for him to explain why... "Today we'll be taking a look at some items I believe are essential, and you should spend a little bit extra money on for a much better product!"

The BB Warrior: ASG CZ P-09 Review


The much well-received ASG CZ P-09 blowback pistol gets reviewed again and this time it's by The BB Warrior... "Hey Guys! Today we'll be taking a look at one of my favorite pistols on the market, the ASG CZ P-09! HUGE thanks to Fox Airsoft for sponsoring today's video!"

The BB Warrior: Avalon MK18 Quick Review


The BB Warrior checks out the new arrivals from Elite Force guns as they also carry non-HK products from VFC such as the Avalon series. The Avalon series is a premium line from VFC that come with better internals. In this case he checks out its version of the MK18 as this AR-style airsoft gun is back as a favourite amongst players.

TBW: Plate Carrier Setup For Milsim


A guide from The BB Warrior in setting a plate carrier for use in Milsim events... "Today we'll be finishing a two part series on setting up your plate carrier for airsoft. In this video we'll be taking a look at carrying everything you need for extended milsim games!

HUGE thanks to ZShot for sending me their Licensed JPC 2.0 for review! You can pick one up from their website or a ZShot dealer!"

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