FierceFox On TCA Serious Viking 2


Another female airsofter to watch out for on the field. Airsoftjunkiez got this video of Third Coast Airsoft (TCA) interviewing 1Legion's FierceFox for her impression of Serious Viking 2. The event was organised by TCA and took place last 15-17 September 2017 at the GTI, Barnwell in South Carolina.

Op Serious Viking 2 Fire Missions


We see One Grunt's Opinion on the radio for fire missions in this Airsoftjunkiez footage of Operation Serious Viking 2. Organised by Third Coast Airsoft, this event took place last 15-17 September 217 at the GTI in Barnwell, South Carolina. We expect more videos to be posted soon.

Airsoftjunkiez: TCA Serious Viking 2 Recon


Airsoftjunkiez got recon footage on their YouTube channel showing the AO for the Serious Viking 2 event being organised by Third Coast Airsoft. The event will take place the Guardian Center in Perry, Georgia from the 15th to the 17th of September 2017 and if you want to get slots for this events, better do so now as tickets are now available.

Airsoftjunkiez & TCA On Op Serious Viking


Third Coast Airsoft joins Airsoftjunkiez in this video to talk about the Operation Serious Viking that will take place on the 16th to 18th of September 2016 with tickets now available. A video showing a recon of the AO is also included... "This is shaping up to be one of the best MILSIM events, the size of the AO makes it a multi-faceted battle. Vehicle support for both sides, as well as TIER 1s that will challenge those that will choose to sign up.

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