Airsoft Shotgun Shell Recovery Technique Demo


Sakataku TV demonstrates a way to retrieve airsoft shotgun shells without walking back and bending over to retrieve them which takes time and more effort. The technique can be done during in-game so no time is lost and shells retrieved quickly. Takes a lot of practice to get used to it though.

Sakataku TV On The New VFC PSG1 Gas Blowback Rifle


The gas blowback version of the Umarex/VFC H&K PSG1 rifle is available in Japan and Takuya Sakamoto of Sakataku TV gives his take on it... "The world's first gas blow PSG1 is here! This time it was shooting indoors, but at a later date I will try to verify the accuracy over long distances!"

Carbon8 M45 DOC With Dot Sight


Sakataku TV shows a Carbon8 M45 DOC CO2 Blowback Pistol equipped with a red dot sight and he finds shooting with it to be fun. Available in the Japanese airsoft market, the Carbon8 M45 is based on the M45A1 CQBP which is also known as the USMC MEU SOC Pistol. When purchased, this comes with VZ style grip panel and has a FDE slide and lower frame. Magazine capacity is 26-rounds for the CO2 mag with a single CO2 cylinder good for 3 magazines.

6th Tokyo Marui Festival Highlights


Sakataku TV was at the 6th Tokyo Marui Festival and here is his video showing the highlights of the event... "The highlight is the last 5 seconds. Tokyo Marui's new products are Gasbro AKM and Glock 17Gen4! I thought that a variation of the gas M4 would come out, and it was unexpected that AK was already finished, so it seems that it will be released at an early stage Mk46 will be released on December 12 for 148,000 yen in a special bag!

TM M4 MWS GBB F1 UDR-15 3G Custom


Sakataku TV shows this custom F1 Firearms UDR-15 3G gas blowback which uses the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS ZET GBB System. The receiver is the Iron Airsoft UDR-15 made for the Marui MWS that is available at Orga Airsoft in Japan. We like the look of this GBB rifle made to look like a sporting rifle.

Sakataku TV: Tokyo Marui MK46 Mod0


The star of the Tokyo Marui 5th Festival is no doubt the Tokyo Marui MK46 Mod0 AEG. The first  SAW offering that has the Next Generation Recoil Shock System, the battery can be replaced by using the procedure of replacing the barrel like in the real gun. It comes with a MOSFET for better control of the electricals and this uses the AK-type battery. Also, with its 14mm CCW thread you can attach a suppressor.

Sakataku TV: WE Airsoft SVD GBB


We get to see the WE Airsoft Gas Blowback SVD in action again. This time, the location is in Japan where a video from Sakataku TV where it is used in a game at the Rock 24 Survival Game Field. The gas shows some smoke effect in the muzzle and the camera captures good sound of it being fired and of course, a gas leak.

Sakataku: KSC AKS74U GBB At The Range


Takuya Sakamoto of Sakataku TV brings the KSC AKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle to the rannge. Using G&G 0.25g BioBBs he fires the gas blowack at 30 metres and 40 metres. He finds it a good airsoft gas blowback to fire and the accuracy is good enough for airsoft skirmishes. The KSC AKS74U GBB is System 7 Two with a full metal body with steel top cover and has a Nylon Wood Texture hanguard.

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