Airsoftjunkiez & TCA To Join Operation Firestorm


Both the crews of Airsoftjunkiez and Third Coast Airsoft will be at the Operation Lion Claws' Operation Firestorm event that will take place on the 16-18 of April in Elkin, North Carolina. For those joining the event, they remind that that they can order HPA BBs as well as TAGinn pyros and dummy projectiles from them to use at the event.

Click here to learn more about the event.

How Third Coast Airsoft Keep Their Events Interesting


Third Coast Airsoft is one of the Milsim event organisers in the USA that hosts some of the most looked forward to events in the Southern USA. In this video, they show how they keep the event engaging and interesting that their participants keep coming back for more... "It’s much more than running and gunning. Third Coast Airsoft’s objective focused scenarios keep the fight interesting and keeps players on their toes."

Third Coast Airsoft Operation Starburst 2020 Gameplay


Iron Legion got an in-game footage of the action during Operation Starburst 2020 hosted by Third Coast Airsoft... "Iron Legion traveled down to Fort Hood, Texas, to play in Third Coast Airsoft (TCA's) Operation Starburst Airsoft MilSim Game. Featuring footage from Spade, Mr. Rogers, Badwolf and Super One. Tons of grenade and Jeep action and we even got to play against another Michigan favorite, Airsoft Alfonse."

Operation Stonebreaker Part II Gameplay


Iron Legion Airsoft posted their video of the Operation Stonebreaker event that was hosted by Third Coast Airsoft... "This video's footage comes primarily from Spade and Mr. Rogers, showing ground play perspectives from Iron Legion's presence at TCA's Operation Stonebreaker Airsoft MilSim game. Located at the GTI Training Facility in Barnwell, South Carolina."

Operation Star Burst 2020 6-8 November


It's getting closer, the Operation Star Burst hosted by Third Coast Airsoft. Airsoftjunkiez have announced that you better book your tickets now to avail of your slots. This event will be held at Fort Hood Army Base in Texas, more specifically at the Boaz MOUT Site, on the 6th to the 8th of November, just over a week from now.

Third Coast Airsoft Stonebreaker 2020 This Weekend


The first major milsim even that will take place at the GTI in Barnwell, South Carolina this weekend. Third Coast Airsoft have posted on their airsoft page that they are getting the facility ready for Operation StoneBreaker 2020 this weekend. If you are going to this event, better ensure you follow the instructions of the organisers and the maintainers of the facility to have a safe event, especially that caution is still very much advised given that the pandemic is not over yet.

Airsoft LMG Air Support Stonebreaker 2019


Airsoft Alfonse goes up in the air with an  HPA-powered A&K M249 that runs on the PolarStar Airsoft F2 HPA Engine. Chopper is a Hughes 500 Little Bird Helicopter and there is an added 50 Cal Blank Fire gameplay. This event was hosted by Third Coast Airsoft at the GTI Training Facility in Barnwel South Carolina.

TCA To Bring Air To Ground Ops To Select Events


Looking for a chance to ride the heli to do some strafing run at Milsim players on the ground? Third Coast Airsoft (TCA) announced that they are bringing it to more select events. Al you have to do is select the event that is most convenient for you and quickly grab one of the slots available. Just follow them in their Facebook page to find out what events the chopper will be appearing.

Airsoftjunkiez At TCA Op Bone Strike 2


Airsoftjunkiez posted videos showing some updates from airsoft manufacturers during Operation Bone Strike 2. The first one is about Elite Force HK416A5 which is now in stock at their online store and the second one is an update on the Wolverine Airsoft MTW. Operation Bone Strike 2 was hosted by Third Coast Airsoft and it took place last 14-16 September 2018 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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