TAGinn Reaper KC 2.0 Projectiles Review By Black Winter Airsoft


Black Winter Airsoft reviews the TAGinn Reaper launchable projectiles for airsoft and milsim use. These come in two versions, the 3.5 which has a 3.5-second delay, and the 2.5, which of course has a 5-second delay. These are compatible with the TAG-ML36 launcher and these should be used with eye protection and other precautions as required in your area as these are pyros.

EMG Reaper Softshell Jacket - Quick Look


EMG got some tactical apparel as well, expanding their line of products. In this video Matt gives quick look at the EMG Reaper Softshell Jacket that can be found at Evike.com... "Here at Evike.com we aren't just fiends for airsoft. Our company is made up of shooters and fishermen, offroaders, climbers and backpackers and a wide spectrum of other outdoor enthusiasts.

AttackPAK Reaper Gun Belt


Lightweight Reaper Gun Belt from AttackPak is now available to order... "The Reaper Gun Belt is the future of the duty belt design. Our proprietary 16 layer thermoplastic and fabric laminate is built for rigidity, long life, and comfort. Laser cut parts ensures precision that reduces weight by about half. Ergonomic shape makes this belt super comfortable for all day wear.

TAGINN Reaper 40mm Fired Over 150 Metres


SilverFox Airsoft Entertainment got the TAGINN Reaper 40mm into action in this video. This 40mm pyro grenade for training and airsoft (where allowed) is compatible with all the line of TAGinn launching devices including the TAG-ML36. It has ith 4.5 seconds delay for targets up to 130 metres in range... "So here’s a video I posted just to show you what it sounds like from a distance what the reaper rounds by TAGinn from well over 150 meters."

Airsoftjunkiez Reaper Custom HPA Airsoft Rifle


Airsoftjunkiez got an HPA-ready custom Airsoft Rifle for you. The Airsoftjunkiez Reaper is flexible to accommodate any HPA airsoft engine that you want installed. This comes with a Custom VFC Body that has the Airsoftjunkiez markings, 15-inch Wire Cutter Rails. Red Paracord, Custom UBR Stock, and pistol grip. It will be configured at 300-450fps on 0.20g BBs and 20-33 BBs ROF.

PTS PDR-C With Wolverine Reaper


CQB Junkie tests a PTS Magpul PDR-C that has been kitted with the Wolverine Airsoft Reaper... "New Airsoft Gameplay at Helenaveen in the Netherlands. One of the best cqb indoor fields and always fun to play there. With a custom build of a friend of mine (ST Solutions) I had the chance to test out his project. The Wolverine Reaper this beast is really to rock n roll in cqb fields."

Invader Gear Reaper ATP Plate Carrier


Romanian airsoft retailer Airsoft6 feature the Reaper ATP Plate Carrier from Invader Gear in this video.... "This tactical vest is a molar laser cutting platform manufactured by Invader Gear. The front model is made of nylon material and is covered on a large part of the surface with cut molar laser fastening systems. The waist dimensions are adjustable both in width and height, allowing a firm fit on the user's body.

EMG/Black Owl Gear Reaper Softshell Jacket


Black Owl Gear announce the Reaper Soft Shell Jacket produced in cooperation with EMG... "Stay warm & active in cold weather with EMG Reaper Softshell Jacket. The Reaper Softshell Jacket provides an excellent defense against harsh winds and water, while maintaining excellent breathability due to specialized layers fabrics used in it's construction.

Amped Minute Mondays: Wolverine Reaper


Here is another look at the Wolverine Airsoft Reaper HPA Engine as featued in Amped Airsoft's Minute Mondays... "Evan brings us a quick look at the Wolverine Reaper! With several different price options and its closed bolt system, the Wolverine Reaper brings a cool perspective to the market of HPA drop in systems!"

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