King Arms Is The Latest To Pull Out Of IWA 2020


As of yesterday there are three Taiwan-based companies that have decided to pull out of the IWA Outdoor Classics 2020. VFC and G&G Armament are joined by King Arms, as they decided that it is the best interest for everyone due to concerns of health and safety with the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic.

Official statement from King Arms below:

G&G Also Pulls Out Of IWA Outdoor Classics 2020


Following VFC's announcement that they will not be participating in this year's IWA Outdoor Classics, G&G Armament decided not to join as well given the same health and safety reason due to ongoing Covid-19 epidemic. So far, only two major airsoft bands arw now confirmed. We still yet to hear from other companies in Asia that are planning on pulling out.

Full statement from G&G Armament below:

VFC Pulls Out Of IWA Outdoor Classics 2020


Vega Force Company (VFC), the Taiwan-based airsoft company, is a regular exhibitor at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Germany. However, for this year, the company has decided to pull out of the trade fair for safety and health reasons due to the Coronavirus NCOV-2019 (new name: Covid-19) that is affecting a good number of countries in Asia and has already caused over a thousand deaths in China.

IWA 2020 Airsoft Shooting Area


The Airsoft Shooting Area for the IWA Outdoor Classics 2020 will be back again. This is a setup by RedWolf Airsoft and other airsoft manufacturers where visitors can check the airsoft guns will be allowed for tests... "The official Clip of the Airsoft Shooting Area at IWA OutdoorClassics 2020.

Impressions of the special show with the latest airsoft weapons. Take the opportunity to experience the handling and accuracy of the products for yourself and exchange technical information with manufacturers.

6mm Media: Will This End Cheating?


6mm Media still got some videos from IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 and they go over the BB hit sensing system on display at the RedWolf Airsoft booth. This will be released under the RWA brand so stay tuned for more information in the future... "Cheating in airsoft, it is a problem or for some  a way to get a lot of views on youtube, but could this be solved, or better yet can you combine Battle Royale game play to airsoft?"

RWTV IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 Recap


RedWolf Airsoft was the busiest booth at the IWA Outdoor Classics being a beehive of activities with people checking the products on display as well as conducting business meetings with existing and potential customers in Europe and elsewhere. In this video Marck gives us a tour of the RedWolf booth and what they did at the trade expo.

BB2K Airsoft At IWA 2019: RWA Lee Enfield No4 MK1 Custom


We get to take another look at the Lee Enfield No4 MK1 Custom airsoft rifle from RWA in this video by BB2K Airsoft at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019... "I like old rifles and so I was pleased to have a great Airsoft replica of the Lee Enfield No.4 MK1 in my hands at the Redwolf booth during the IWA 2019. Besides the already available normal version, RWA also showed an artificially aged Lee Enfield (Weathered Version) with a matching real rifle scope.

BB2K Airsoft At IWA 2019: SRC


SRC is always the go to brand for airsoft replicas that can be used for World War II reencactord and they have an update to their MP40 series that BB2K Airsoft checks out at their booth... "With very great expectations, I went to the SRC Airsoft stand at the IWA in 2019. The goal of my desire was the new MP40 GBB. Steel embossing, CO2 operation, realistic closing boltsystem have made me very curious. In addition to the MP40 (SR40) it was synonymous to see the MP41 (SR41) as a CO2 blowback model.

BB2K Airsoft At IWA 2019: RedWolf Airsoft


Another look at the RedWolf Airsoft booth at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 with this BB2K Airsoft video. Bruce might have something to show that we have missed in our video that we posted before... "I like special airsoft. At the IWA 2019 at Redwolf I was allowed to watch the RWA Show Guns. The ION Blaster of the Jawas of Star Wars as well as the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster of the Stormtroopers inspired me. The Browning "M1919 Terminator" was particularly appealing to me. At IWA 2019: Slong Airsoft


If we missed some interesting items from Slong Airsoft in our IWA 2019 video, here is with their own video which might have more information for you... "The airsoft manufacturer Slong Airsoft from Taiwan had a booth at IWA 2019 and showed some of their latest products."

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26 Feb 2020

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