Riko Airsoft With The Firefield Rapidstrike 1-6 x 24 Optic


A growing number of airsoft players are opting to use the Firefield Rapidstrike 1-6 x 24 Optic on their airsof guns. Riko Airsoft explains why he is one of them... "Oh yes, I have to say. This perspective has really surprised me from many points of view and I have decided that it will become my definitive one for multiple asg, since I often use magnifying devices.

Firefield Impulse 1x22 Compact Red Dot Sight At Bunker 501


Shooters looking for an affordable and quality red dot sight can check the Firefield Impulse 1x22 Compact Red Dot Sight that can be found at Bunker 501 in the Netherlands... "Helping shooters achieve lightning fast target acquisition, the Impulse 1×22 Dot Sight is ideal for target shooting and hunting on rifles and shotguns. A unique cantilever mount design allows the sight to be forward mounted for use with a magnifier or backup sights.

Firefield Rapid Strike 1-6x24 Review


22QBAirsoft shows the Firefrield Rapid Strike 1-6x24 optic that they have available at their online store... "Your do-it-yourself shotgun needs a do-it-yourself optics. With the RapidStrike 1-6x24mm AR-15 riflescope kit, you get speed, accuracy and distance. 1-6x magnification provides fast and accurate shooting and shooting capabilities with no target or reticle distortion, 2-6x is the perfect magnification for medium distances.

AirsoftGF: Firefield Impact Mini Reflex Sight


AirsoftGF reviews the Firefield Impact Mini Reflex Sight (in Portuguese). This optic is Ip55 weatherproof and shockproof with an adjustable illuminated 5-moa red-dot reticle. Its body is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and abd the lens is scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, antireflective-red coated glass. It is compatible with S&W, Glock and MOS.

AMNB Review: Firefield Impulse 1x22 Compact


Arius' latest review for Airsoft & Milsim News Blog covers the affordable Firefield Impulse 1x22 optic... "The Impulse 1×22 is a good product for general plinking at short ranges with any firearm and/or Airsoft replica as it does help the user with accuracy and precision but only at short distances of under 25 yards.

AMS: Firefield Close Combat 1-4x24 Scope


New and available at the Airsoft Megastore online store is this dual-illuminated 1-4x24 scope from Firefield... "The Firefield Close Combat Rifle Scope is one of the most impressive magnified scopes you can equip for your airsoft gun with.  Whether you’re running a designated marksman rifle (DMR) or full-length AEG, this scope is designed for precision. 

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