AMNB Gear Gallery: Colt M602 & XM177


AMNB goes old school with this tastefully done photos of the airsoftt Colt M602 and XM177 rifles custom built for your pleasure... "As much as we dig those modern AR-15 looks and possibilities to customize them the way you want to have it done, as much do we love the classics, the old school, the base from where it all started from.

RWTV: Sun Project XM177-E2 GBBR


Another episode in the Ancient Airsoft Series of RedWolf Airsoft TV with Tim showing the Sun Project XM177-E2 Gas Blowback Rifle... "While not quite as old as our previous ancient airsoft features, this replica plays a significant role in the history and development of airsoft. Its internal system has inspired several other systems still in use today. Watch this episode to find out what relic we have uncovered."

AMS: New CA Full Metal M15 XM177 E2


Airsoft Megastore announce the availability of this improved AEG from Classic Army... "The NEW Classic Army Full Metal M15 XM177 E2 ArmaLite compact carbine is a faithful airsoft replica of the Vietnam War era XM177 commando carbine, and features the most reliable high performance internals on the market! Modeled after the unique XM177 E2 carbine carried by U.S. commandos during the Vietnam War, this Classic Army XM177 AEG features a nearly identical design to the original carbine, as well as fully licensed ArmaLite trademarks and a unique serial number.

CA Full Metal Armalite M15 XM177 E2


In stock and ready for your skirmish needs at Airsoft GI... "The CA M15A1 Carbine is modeled after the famous XM177. The XM177 is a shortened version of the M16A1 assault rfile. It was one of the first commando length M16s and was used primarily by special operations personnel in the vietnam war. The CA M15A1 Carbine is an accurate representation of this famous assault rifle. It features a M16A1 style metal body that has a fixed carry handle and lacks the shell deflector of the M16A2.

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