Carcajou Tactical Webbing & Yoke System


Some photos from Carcajou Tactical showing their webbing and yoke system that they developed from a client. The system uses multicam pattern and for those who have used the Alice system, then this system should be familiar to use. The company is a veteran-owned Canadian company that designs, develops and manufactures high-quality products for the Military forces and other Tactical teams. 


AATV: British 58 Pattern Webbing


It's about webbbing in Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) Episode 142 and regular guest Gadge joins Anvil to talk about the British 58 Pattern Webbing... "Gadge and Anvil go for a local walk wearing their British Army Pattern 58 Webbing Sets. Anvil has an airsoft milsim load in his and Gadge has a CEFO setup.

If you like this sort of thing let us know and we'll do more."

Airsoft Action TV: British Army Webbing


A good episode from Airsoft Action which for those who want details on impressions and loadouts can learn about British Army Webbing... "Gadge and Anvil talk through their collection of British Army Webbing and LBE from 1903-2010. There are some significant differences and indeed many similarities."

Highlander Full P.L.C.E Webbing Set


Latest at is this webbing set made by Highlander Outdoor... "Available now at Military 1st is Highlander Full P.L.C.E Webbing Set. Highlander Full P.L.C.E Webbing Set goes with durable P.L.C.E. belt, P.L.C.E. clips, standard yoke, 2 utility pouches and 2 double magazines pouches. It's made of water resistant 1000D Polyester, compatible with MOLLE system, and fully adjustable and customisable.

Begadi EPHOD Webbing Set DPM


With Action Hobbies now selling items from Begadi, you can get this webbing set for £109.00, VAT included... "This is probably the most extensive piece of gear we have ever had in at Action Hobbies. Begadi have outdone themselves with this one, with pretty much the same dimensions as the British Army PLCE webbing its surprising to see how much more you can fit in it.

BE-X Combat Webbing "EPHOD" / IDF Vest in US Woodland


IDF webbing available in US Woodland pattern from Begadi... "The 'mother' of this webbing is the Ephod A10, which for over 30 years served with the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) in nearly every conflict and was adopted by many nations special forces, and thus can be considered one of the elders of modern load carrying vests.

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