Configuring Your Vest Before Playing Airsoft


Video from 0'20 Magazine with Javier giving tips on how to configure your vest before going to an airsoft game... "Not everyone is clear about how to configure the vest and how to do it depending on the type of game we are going to play, because it is not the same to configure the vest for a small party than for a milsim, even in the milsim it will depend on the hours you have in duration, since 24h is not the same as 48h."

OneTigris FYR Tactical Vest & DOOM Tactical Vest 1.0


You've already seen the reviews of these vests from OneTigris. Here is their official presentation of the FYR Tactical Vest and DOOM Tactical Vest 1.0 made for airsoft and milsim use. They are available on their Amazon store and partners... "Hello everyone, welcome to OneTigris Tactical, This video shows you our  FYR Tactical Vest and DOOM Tactical Vest 1.0."

Workerkit Kamizelka UTA-X Wildbee Vest


Oscypek reviews the Kamizelka UTA-X Wildbee Vest from Workerkit. Already available a the Workerkit store, this vest has a Laser cut MOLLE system and it is lightweight and modular. It also features a ventilated and breathable mesh surface for heat dissipation. Build material is Codura 500D Nylon which is wear and tear resistanct, waterproof and oil repellant.

The Salty Old Gamer On The OneTigris DOOM Tactical Vest


The Salty Old Gamer channel goes over the details of the OneTigris DOOM Tactical Vest which is made of 500D Nylon. This vest features a front magazine pouch that can hold 3 pistol mags in upper pocket and 3 M4 mags in the lower pouches. It has a  MOLLE webbing for attachment of other MOLLE compatible equipment and a detachable EVA padding inside for double protection and ultimate comfort.

OneTigris FYR Tactical Vest & MICH 2000 Upgraded Airsoft Helmet


The Salty Old Gamer shows the kit that they got from OneTigris such as the OneTigris FYR Tactical Vest and the MICH 2000 Upgraded Airsoft Helmet... "We're all Kitted Out in new Airsoft Gear from OneTigris. We put these ugpraded new airsoft gear items through the paces so you don't have to, and tell you what we think about them."

HyperX Tactical Vest From Safariland


A quick tour of the HyperX Tactical Vest made by Safariland designed for law enforcement... "Proprietary technology, functionality and modularity are all important factors when it comes to creating an armor system. Safariland worked with Fort Worth SWAT to create the a revolutionary, lightweight, lowest profile tactical platform for those who deserve nothing but the best.

Best Budget Airsoft Plate Carrier Ever?


TAC*DAWGS Tactical Airsoft got the OneTigris Low Profile Tactical Vest and checks it out if it is the best budget plate carrier for airsoft use... "Today we go over, what could possibly be, the BEST low profile BUDGET plate carrier on the market today! give it a look and see if it could be the next best thing for your Airsoft arsenal!"

Gamergasm: Nuprol RTG Tactical Vest


Gamergasm takes a look at his new Nuprol RTG Tactical Vest and compares it to his 2-year old one... "Hello guys its Gamergasm here and welcome back to another episode of Gamergasm Loots. In today's episode we are reviewing the NUPROL RTG Tactical Vest, I've been running this chest rig for over 2 years now and only recently purchased a brand new one to replace my existing one. Lets get into this weeks review and see how good this airsoft Tactical vest is."

Emerson Gear Scarab Style Tactical Vest


0'20 Magazine checks out the Emerson Gear Scarab Tactical Vest. This vest has laser-cut MOLLE Velcro on the chest, with the front panel having two front buckels to attacg placard panels. This also has a detachable flip panel with the inner pocket space after disassembly can be equipped with a built-in magazine lining.

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