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Why U.S. Soldiers Wear Flag Reversed?

A bit of a trivia today for those who are not familiar with U.S. Army's rules or etiquettes. Simple History explains why U.S. Soldiers were their flag reversed on their uniforms... "The flag of the United states of america has many rules and etiquette  in how it should be displayed. On modern US army uniforms soldiers wear the US flag patch reversed, but why is this?"

Gun Gamers: Airsoft Uniforms Requirements

Wearing a uniform in airsoft is not exactly a requirement especially for the regular day skirmishes but there are many times when they become requirements. Gun Gamers talk about this in this episode... "Today on Gun Gamers, E House discusses the practice of uniform requirements for airsoft and MilSim gaming."

Combat Uniform Sale At Military 1st

It's the Combat Uniform category that goes on sale this week at Military1st.co.uk. Get 10% off your purchases in this category by using the discount code they provide here... "We offer 10% off entire Combat Uniforms category available at Military 1st with Discount Code UNIFORM18.

New Uniform Of The Austrian Armed Forces

The Austrian Armed Forces (Österreichisches Bundesheer) just revealed their latest camo pattern and uniform... "The Austrian Army employs a surface camouflage print of modern design, developed by the army's internal expert. The camouflage pattern consists of six colors, the design consisting of small and large areas. The special infrared emission values ​​of the individual colors make it difficult to reconcile with optronic reconnaissance means (eg night vision equipment).

Emerson Kryptek Highlander G2 Set

Full combat clothing set in Kryptek Highlander from Emerson Tactical Gear now at Airsoft Outlet Northwest... "We've just received a restock on combat set uniforms and fast helmet replicas, and have added Kryptek camo combat sets to our lineup! These go fast, so find a set in your size if you are gearing up for the spring."

5.11 HRT Tactical Shirt Special Offer

Priced lower now at S.W.A.T. so grab yourself one before the stock runs out... "Geared to go fast. Our top tactical gear, the HRT shirt and pant are loaded with features specifically constructed for high-speed, low-drag action. Each was designed with direct input from hardcore operators to meet their specific needs and are made of 100% cotton canvas.