LCT Airsoft LCK-19 Folding & Fixed Stocks


Both the LCK-19 Folding and Fixed Stocks are now available according to LCT Airsoft. For owners of LCT AK AEGs, they need to check the compatibility before purchasing.

How To Change The G&G ARP9 AEG Stock


Howto video from Rock Bottom Airsoft showing you how to change the stock of the ARP9 AEG from G&G Armament, creating more space for your battery... "In this video we will change the PDW stock on my G&G ARP9 to a stubby stock from zeroone airsoft.

This guide can be applied to any stock change on the ARP9 provided your replacement will physically fit. Add a buffer tube to fit a cranestock of your choice or go with a solid stock like me.

DYTAC Marui AKM AK Stock To M4 Stock Adapter


Filip Airsoft introduces how he uses the DYTAC Marui AKM AK Stock To M4 Stock Adapter... "Hi, this is Philip. This time, it is an introduction video of the officially licensed for DYTAC Marui AKM AK TO M4 Stock Adapter licensed by Rifle Dynamics provided by DEVILSIX. The stock of Tokyo Marui's Gasbro AKM can be replaced with M4 stock compatible with 20mm rails and stock tubes by simple disassembly and installation."

G&G Armament UMP Folding Stock


Latest product new release from G&G Armament is the availability of the UMP Folding Stock... "Constructed out of reinforced nylon polymer for extreme durability while maintaining its lightweight profile, the UMG folding stock is the perfect modification to your UMG or MP5. The UMP folding stock allows you to fold your stock and significantly reduce the length of your rifle for tight spaces or for easier storage  and transport. Now available worldwide."

RS Handguards, Stocks & BB Shooting Box From LCT Airsoft


With the LC-3, LK-33, and LK-53 AEGs from LCT Airsoft in the market, they got handguards, fixed stocks and retractable stocks available for these. Also a reminder that they have the BB shooting box so you can do practice shooting especially at home without leaving a mess.

Octagon Airsoft SPAS 12 Folding Stock


For owners of the Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 airsoft shotgun looking to replace it stock, a folding stock is available from Octagon Airsoft and Pewpew Paladin takes a look at one... "If you're lucky enough to own a Tokyo Marui SPAS 12, you might well be on the lookout for one of the iconic folding stocks that are so synonymous with the platform. To find a genuine Tokyo Marui stock can be a tall order though and could leave you wondering if you'll be forever 'stockless'.

Trench Wooden Stock For WE M712 GBB Pistol


Neo035 reviews the WE Airsoft M712 GBB Blowback with the Trench Airsoft Wooden Stock on this video review. The stock is made of high quality ash wood is mainly compatible with the M712 GBB pistol from WE. If you want the M (Mauser) mark, it'll be an extra US$10.00 at Swit Airsoft.

New Magpul PRS Lite Precision Stock


Magpul announce the new Magpul PRS Lite which is part of their big release of products for 2021... "The PRS Lite provides similar adjustability and features of our PRS GEN3 Stock with the added benefits of reduced weight and a price that’s almost half of its fully featured counterpart.

AAP-01 GBB Folding Rear Stock At Airsoft Atlanta


Need to have a rear stock for a more stable shooting with your Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol? Check the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Folding Rear Stock at Airsoft Atlanta... "Action Army AAP01 GBB Part - Folding Rear Stock. Folding rear stock and extends too! Very high quality polymer and some metal parts. Made to fit specifically on the airsoft AAP01 gas blowback pistol. Official Action Army product. Easy to install and upgrade with."

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