AS "VAL" Stock Installation On VSS


NPO-AEG shows you how to install the buttstock of the AS "VAL" rifle on the VSS Vintorez... "VSS. The Airsoft replica by NPO 'AEG'. Installation of the buttstock from the AS 'VAL' on VSS. This stock is compatible with all versions of the 'VSS' from the NPO 'AEG' regardless of the year of release."

How To Remove The KWA PTS EPS Stock


Another special request from a viewer for Pheas Airsoft so watch him demonstrate how to remove the KWA PTS Syndicate EPS Stock... "Following a quick request, here is a very short video on how to remove the EPS stock from a KWA airsoft aeg. This will also work for general airsoft AR variants of stocks."

Disconnecting A CM.506 Wiring For Stock Replacement


Another special request by a viewer to Pheas Airsoft to get assistance on how replace the stock of the CYMA CM.506 AEG... "This is a requested video to show how to disconnect the wires on a CM.506 so that the stock can be fully removed and replaced.

I show how to remove it without any disconnection and how to further remove the connectors so the end of the wiring is removed."

ASG-ICS Hera Arms CQR Stock Toolless Quick Battery Change Mod


Max Rainwell shows you the modification he did to the stock of the ASG-ICS Airsoft Hera Arms CQR. This mod allows you to change batteries without the need for a tool. This is a very handy mod when you need to change batteries in the middle of a firefight, letting you back into the fight quickly as you can change batteries faster... "A mod to fit and change the battery in the Hera CQR stock without any tool."

How To Install A PDW Stock Quick


Aiden Walsh shows you how to a PDW Stock that he says could be done in 3 minutes using the Ares Amoeba PDW stock and brace... "This PDW stock looks awesome! It only took me about 5 minutes to install, but I think if I did it again I could easily do it in 3!"

Valken ATS M4 Stock by Merens


Lots of products from Valken for Kaiju to talk about if you haven't noticed the stream of posts of Valken products for airsoft here. The latest one of course is the Valken ATS M4 Stock by Merens. Made of high strength polymer, it uses an innovative toll-less installation and removal S-lock system. This compatible with Mil-spec buffer tubes but the buffer tube is not included.

Pneumatic Nail Gun: AR15 Stock Install


The Alumyx airsoft Pneumatic Nail Gun is getting a lot of attention as indeed it is a cool idea of converting a Nail Gun to fire off plastic BBs. In this video, they show you how to install an AR stock to it for a better shooting platform... "How to install an AR15 milspec stock to your airsoft nail gun."

Vickers Tactical: BCM Gunfighter Stocks


Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical shows us some of the BCM Gunfighter Stocks that we hope can have airsoft versions. They might fit existing AR GBBs, so check them out... "While visiting Bravo Company's new facility in Wisconsin, owner and CEO Paul Buffoni took Larry through a few of BCM's new accessories, including their line of BCM Gunfighter Stocks."

KRISS Vector With MTW Wraith Co2 Stock


Dion Franklin shows his MTW Wraith Co2 Stock that is used on a HPA-powered Krytac KRISS Vector... "Black Ops Airsoft - South, Summerville, SC area. Always adapting, always adding twists to the village. MTW wraith Co2 Stock mounted to a Krytac Kriss Vector. One of my better SMG builds that I will be using for SMG classes."

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