Cybergun/SRC Colt 1911 Defender Review


L'antre Du Dingo goes over the fully licensed Cybergun Colt 1911 Defender gas blowback pistol. The unit reviewed here is in 2-tone but it also comes in silver. This is made by Star Rainbow Company (SRC) of Taiwan and the package also comes with a 13-BB round gas magazine.

SRC G36 AEG & WE G19X GBB Pistol Gameplay


Rock Bottom Airsoft brings to a game to airsoft guns made by Taiwan-based companies --- the SRC G36 AEG & WE G19X GBB Pistol... "In this video we are once more at my home site Tazball Airsoft here in the Scottish Highlands. In this gameplay we will have a skirmish game of Airsoft using the SRC G36 that I previously featured in an introduction to G36 replicas here.

How To Use The SRC Electronic Trigger


The ACE Line Hawk Series from SRC feature and electronic trigger and in this video they show how one can use it. The ACE line Hawk Series are the compact AEG series that are based on Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCCs). They use stick type batteries and are made of Aluminum CNC Hanguard and receiver and adjustable stock.

Timerzanov Airsot: SRC/Cybergun FN Five SeveN Tactical


This review by Timerzanov Airsoft is the best pistol to partner with the Cybergun P90, the FN Cybergun Five SeveN Tactical made by SRC... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you a presentation of a replica of Five SeveN, this pistol designed by FN Herstal which shoots a specific caliber the 5.7X28mm the same used for the P90.

Today it is therefore the gas version manufactured by SRC for Cybergun that I will present to you!

BB2K Airsoft IWA 2022: Cybergun SRC MP40 CO2 Blowback


Something for collectors to consider, the Cybergun SRC MP40 CO2 Blowback which is part of the MP40 series made by SRC of Taiwan. BB2K Airsoft takes a look at one during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2022... "The company Cybergun brought the SRC MP40 CO2 Gas Blowback to Europe and I am happy that I had the chance to look at the finished airsoft at the IWA. The overall impression of the prototype has improved, which I very much welcome.

Gunfire: SRC SR4 Falcon ZS & W Presentation


Gunfire gives a quick presentation of the SRC SR4 Falcon-ZS and Falcon-W AEGs available at their online store... "In the new video, we introduce you to and compare two ASG replicas of ASG machine guns from the Falcon line by SRC. If you are still wondering which one you should choose, then our review will certainly make your decision easier.

SRC SR4 Falcon SMG/M4 Adapter At Softair Zone


Softair Zone present the SRC SR4 Falcon SMG/M4 Adapter which allows one to use a 9mm-style magazine to an AEG that uses M4-style magazines... "We would like to introduce you to the SRC SR4 Falcon SMG / M4 Mag Adapter with which you can turn every M4 into an SMG. Bar magazines and SMG are becoming more and more fashionable.

SRC MP5A5 AEG HPA Conversion


Lavrikov Airsoft has a quick demonstration of the SRC MP5A5 AEG that has been converted to be HPA-powered. This is also rebranded Umarex Sportline MP5A5 AEG, an affordable AEG for airsoft beginners. As for the HPA engine, it uses VVD System “Valkyrie" HPA engine which features a low level noise, available for different types of AEGs.

SRC SR92 M9A3 GBB Pistol At Destockage Games


A quick presentation by Destockage Games of the SRC SR92 M9A3 GBB Pistol that they have available... "Let yourself be tempted by this SR92 M9A3 from SRC, a full metal gas blowback replica (GBB) compatible with gas and Co2 chargers. This Beretta-type model has a slightly narrower grip than the one found on standard M9s, so it is ideal for smaller hands.

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