Geonox Airsoft's WELL SMG Review


Geonox Airsoft takes a look a the WELL SMG AEG that comes with electronic features experected in AEGs these days... "In this video we look at the Well SMG. The highlights include the built-in ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) and the Mosfet. This way you are protected from gearbox jams, the internals are protected and you have better response.

You'll definitely be an eye-catcher with the design, because it's something different - it's all just M4.

Geonox Airsoft: Well SMG AEG


Affordable and comes loaded with features. Geonox Airsoft goes over the Well SMG... "The SMG comes from Well. The big highlight of this Airsoft is the price/performance ratio. The compact design and the very pleasant weight make it the perfect companion for playing in the hall. But it also shows its strengths in the forest with its good range.

The SMG has an adjustable hopup. The hopup gives the missed BB a backwards spin. This ensures stability and more range.

0'20 Magazine: What Is A Submachine Gun?


How is a gun called a submachine gun? 0'20 Magazine's Javier talks about this in this video... "What is it about submachine guns that makes us so cool? And we don't care if it's an MP5, which has been fighting since the 70s, modernized, or an M4, which also takes time, in a version to shoot (the real model, not the airsoft replica, in our thing they are always 6mm pellets) pistol ammunition.

Socimi Double Eagle M-36 SMG Springer


As you know by now, Mach Sakai reviews every device that can fire a projectile. In this video he goes for another springer in the form of the Socimi Double Eagle M-36 SMG. This springer is based on the SOCIMI 821 is an Italian sub machine gun which in turn, is based on the UZI machine pistol. This is mainly made of ABS and comes with an 18-BB round magazine.

Pistol vs. SMG: Pros & Cons


Airsoft Arena talks about the pros and cons when choosing a pistol or an SMG as a compact weapon for airsoft... "It should not be a surprise to anyone who plays airsoft that the indoor environments are more populated with pistol builds. However, there is ALOT of misconception about how well pistol builds actually work or how well they actually perform.

Cisco & Boaz SMG Tier List


The Airsoft GI crew of Cisco and Boaz rank airsoft SMGs available in the market... "Because you asked for it, Cisco and Boaz are back with another airsoft tier list. This time we rake all of your favorite airsoft SMGs. If you do not know, SMG stands for sub-machine gun. With the plethora of SMGs available in airsoft, we sort through them and choose where we personally think each model belong."

Best Airsoft SMG For US$30


Reventian checks the springer SIG MPX that is available at if it is worth purchasing... "I was shopping in Evike and I found this SIG MPX for sale for $30. Is this the best airsoft SMG for on $30? Probably? Who knows, wait why are you reading this description and not looking up at the video???"

Modify-Tech PP2K SMG GBB Review (French)


Prominent French-language airsoft reviewer, L'antre Du Dingo, got his hands on the Modify-Tech PP2K SMG to give his take and recommendations... "Today I suggest you discover the PP2K from Modify. This gas or CO² submachine gun was released in September and will certainly delight the Russophile or the lover of weird stuff in you. Happy viewing!"

Tanie Militaria: JG MAC-10 SMG AEG


A clone of the Tokyo Marui MAC-10, the JG MAC-10 AEG is available at Tanie Militaria... "A replica of a submachine gun made of high quality ABS material. The replica's body is made of plastic, while the folding stock, barrel, suspension handle and magazine are made of metal .

RWTV Reviews The Modify PP2K SMG


The Modify-Tech PP2K Gas Blowback SMG is now available to order at RedWolf Airsoft. Marck goes over one to find out how it stocks to a German made compact SMG that is popular amongst airsoft players in this RWTV video review... "The PP-2K from Modify is their first foray into the GBB market, how does it fair and how does this Russian SMG stack against a giant like the MP7?"

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