SIGHTRON S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 LPVO Riflescope


The S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 LPVO Riflescope from SIGHTRON is one of their latest releases for 2023. It is designed for competitive shooters and uses Sightron custom optical glass with MC-333 lens multi-coatings for exceptional light transmission. It is shockproof up to 1,000G’s and waterproof up to IPX7 standards. The scope has 100 MOA elevation travel and 60 MOA windage travel in ¼ MOA clicks. The SR1 reticle has a 9 MOA circle with a ½ MOA aiming dot and one MOA stadia lines.

ASG Olsztyn Checks The Red Win Blackbeast 1-10x24 SFP


ASG Olsztyn goes over the Red Win Blackbeast 1-10x24 SFP Scope that is available at the company's online store. The Red Win Blackbeast 1-10x24 IR LPOV Scope is a premium optical system with a real 10x (1x-10x) scope. It features a fully multi-coated lens and extra low dispersion ocular lens for high light transmission and little distortion. The scope has edge-to-edge image quality, no blurry or dark areas, and a second focal plane true 1x for 2 eyes open observation and instant target acquisition.

MacGyver Custom: How To Adjust A Scope


Lengthy tutorial by MacGyver Custom Airsoft showing how to adjust a scope. This is over 30 minutes, so you might want to take down some notes especially di you are a newbie... "Have you ever adjusted your scope and have not understood why it did not work as it should? In this video you will know how to do it correctly, step by step and with materials from home."

T-Eagle ER 4-16X44 SFIR Airsoft Rifle Scope


Rummbolt talks about the T-Eagle ER 4-16X44 SFIR scope for use on airsoft guns that has its own spirit level... "This airsoft scope is the first optic I ever used which has a built-in bubble level, so you are able to have both your reticle and the bubble in your field of vision while aiming. It is called the 'T-Eagle-ER 4-16X44 SFIR' and could be a nice tool for Airsoft Sniper and DMR players. Let´s take a look on what´s inside the box together!

Moondog Industries: New Athlon Heras Scopes


Moondog Industries visits the Athlon Optics booth during the SHOT Show 2023 to check out the new Athlon Heras scopes... "Athlon Optics already had a broad line of rifle scopes from budget (Talos) to high end PRS (Cronus) and Tactical scopes (Ares), and hunter (Midas). So it was surprising to find that they were coming out with a whole new line called Heras named for the Greek god and wife of Zeus.

Rock Bottom Airsoft: Hawke 4x32 AO Scope


Rock Bottom Airsoft talks about the Hawke 4x32 AO Scope that he mounts on his airsoft sniper rifle... "In this video we take a look at the scope I use for Airsoft when I'm playing as a sniper. This scope normally takes pride of place on my JG BAR 10.

The Hawke Vantage 4x32 AO Mil Dot is a good quality non variable scope which has seen use in the firearm and airgun worlds. In our case it makes for a sturdy weather proof option for our airsoft skirmish games.

Moondog's Sniper VT 4-16x44 FFP Scope Review


Moondog Industries goes over the Sniper VT 4-16x44 FFP Scope if it is something that he would recommend to his followers... "It’s become more common to find affordable first focal plane (FFP) variable optics scopes. But it’s rare to find one that’s 4-16x that’s less than 10.5″ long. The Texas Precision Optics Sniper VT 4-16×44 MFFP First Focal Plane (FFP) Scope is that unicorn.

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