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S-Thunder Double Barrel 40mm Launcher

This video from features S-Thunder Double Barrel Break Action 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launcher. In stock at their online store, this has an injection molded polymer construction with a flat top rail for mounting optics and other accessries. Since it is double-barreld user can either choose to fire one shell at a time or two shells at the same time.

Hyperdouraku: S-Thunder Claymore

We wonder what S-Thunder is doing nowadays as we rarely here from them. They are still in business, so it seems as Hyperdouraku gets to review ther S-Thunder Gas Powered Claymore Mine. This airsoft Claymore mine can hold a charge for 24 hours and can either discharge powder or 6mm BB pellets (used BBs can be used too). As for trigger it can be with a supplied RF wireless remote control or an IR sensor.

Airsoftology: S-Thunder Launcher And Shells

We are hearing more about the S-Thunder Airsoft Grenades and Launchers again, and Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology talks about these as potential sidearms for airsoft games... "Jonathan takes a close look at S-Thunder's Launcher and Mini-shells to see if they could very well be the new alternative sidearm for your next CQB match. And stay to the end to some video proof of the duo in action!"

S-Thunder Pistol Grip Launcher Review

We've been hearing about the S-Thunder products again, though this is not exactly a new product. Yas of Hyperdouraku reviews the S-Thunder Pistol Grip Grenade Launchers that can use M203 or 40mm gas grenade shells such as the CAW 40mm Moscart. This is available in three versions, Short Composite, Long Composite, and Short Metal.

Zack And The Exploding Landmines

Zack gets himself blown up in purple powder as he steps on an airsoft landmine. Airsoft R US Tactical has an assortment of airsoft landmines from S-Thunder which are also dual water and powder spray. They can be powered with Green Gas or CO2. As for powder, there other colours that you can use apart from purple, such as blue and yellow.

S-Thunder Landmine Review And Howto

It's been sometime now since we last heard about S-Thunder which are known for the airsoft landmines and powder grenades. Airsoft R Us Tactical gives us another look of the Landmine product they have available... "How would you like to give you and your Airsoft team the advantage over the opposing team? Defend your objective, deny and area, and put your trained grasshoppers to use with the S-Thunder Tactical Landmine! Zack gives you his review and how-to!"

S-Thunder Massive Blowout Sale Announced

We've been wondering what had happened to S-Thunder as they've been quiet for a year. Now, we get news from them that they are having a massive blowout sale which will start on the 1st of October until the 31st of December 2014. That's a full quarter of a year sale, perhaps the longer sale in the airsoft year. So find out what you can get from them whilst supplies last... S-Thunder Gear Review

We get to hear something from S-Thunder this time as it has been a long time since we last heard from them and now their products get review by the Russians... "S-Thunder is pleased to announce that S-Thunder's range of milsim gear will be given full reviews for the Russian milsim community from Airsoft Mag of Russia.

Airsost Mag will provide detailed and unbiased reviews of S-Thunder's full range for milsim players in Russia.

S-Thunder Training Gear Reviewed

PRESS RELEASE: 30 March 2012. Raider Magazine, the fastest growing MILITARY PUBLICATION in the UK, has published an article regarding S-Thunder's milsim gear including S-Thunder's M4 style paintball markers and land mines from the prospective of PROFESSIONAL MILITARY TRAINING REQUIREMENTS!

New Reviews from Airsoft Community Italy

The latest news update from Airsoft Community Italy for this weekend contains reviews about the GFC Gunfire Tornado Motors written by DTC and the S-Thunder Grenades and Launchers by Red Bull. Both of these reviews are available in both English and Italian Languages and with loaded with good photos and test data.