Colt Python The Coolest Revolver?


The Colt Python is one of the most replicated in airsoft amongst revolvers, but is it the coolest revolver ever? Administrative Results looks at the real deal to share what he thinks... "I've come across my fair share of weapons in this walker-infested world, but there's something special about the Colt Python."

Return of Tanaka’s Drawing Room: M28 Edition


“Tanaka’s Reception Room,” a talk show hosted by the editorial team of “Monthly Gun Professionals,” returns after three years in this video by Arms Magazine. The show, which debuted at the 2020 Arms Festival Online, features Tanaka Works and Western evangelist Tornado Yoshida. In the 2024 episode, they discuss Tanaka Works’ new product, the “S&W M28 Highway Patrolman 4-inch model gun,” while examining samples.

Evike Matt's Top 9 Revolvers


It looks like WinGun revolvers make up most of the list of Matt's top 9 airsoft revolvers in this video from Five of these are from WinGun whilst the others are ASG, Elite Force, and of course, Cybergun.

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui SAA.45 Civilian 4 3/4"


The iconic SAA.45 gets a revamped "Civilian" model from Tokyo Marui with a wood-grain grip, authentic reloading experience, and improved performance thanks to a metal frame, variable hop-up, and safety. Load BBs, cock the hammer, and enjoy the fun of this classic revolver reborn. Mach Sakai reviews this revolver in this video.

WinGun WG 708 Revolver Test


The Fifth Generation Hobby Shop in the Philippines got the WinGun WG 708 airsoft reovlver to test. This powerful CO2 pistol, constructed entirely of metal, boasts a snub-nosed revolver design and can fire at velocities up to 390 FPS. The handgrip is equipped with WG's innovative fast-load CO2 system, which includes a concealed compartment that can be quickly accessed with a simple button press for swift CO2 cartridge replacement.

WinGun WG 701 4" Revolver Disassembly


Revolver John shares this takedown video of the WinGun WG 701 4" airsoft revolver that other owners can follow when doing their own maintenance... "There are some parts can be shared between WinGun revolvers. That's why the color of the outer layer of gun barrel is different. And you may notice the reason I installed it on my competition revolver - the concept prototype for fiber sights installation on WinGun 7 Series revolvers integrated and adapted to the gun by me."

Real Wood Grip Panel For King Arms SAA.45 Revolvers


King Arms have an optional real woodl grip panel that can be used with their SAA.45 revolver series... "The well-known King Arms classic product SAA.45 Peacemaker Revolver series once again launches new appearance upgrade accessory.

It is our great honor to present to you the [KA-PP-14-RW]. Brand new real wood grip panel for King Arms SAA.45 Peacemaker Revolver series.

The grip panels are carved from solid wood, and the classic brown surface shows beautiful wood grain.

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