ASG Dan Wesson 715 4" CO2 Revolver


Next up in their series quick presentations on YouTube, ASG presen the Dan Wesson 715 4" CO2 Revolver... "Impressive and stealthy. This powerful 4” dark grey revolver licensed by Dan Wesson, draws attention and packs a big punch. It has authentic markings and a individual serial number stamped into the frame. The revolver features a double action trigger system and adjustable rear sight for extra realism and accuracy.

Hyperdouraku: Tanaka Works S&W M327 M&P R8 Cap Gun


We get to see the Tanaka Works S&W M327 M&P R8 revolver again as a cap gun. Available for years now, this uses heavyweight ABS to give a hefty feel, almost nearing 900g. This revolver has been designed for use by SWAT members that can give a punch moe than a .45ACP. Of course, the airsoft version uses the 6mm BB and has a maximum of 6 BB rounds per load. Hyperdouraku does a video review of this well-made airsoft revolver.

Umarex H8R Gen2 CO2 Revolver At Tanie Militaria


A full review of the Umarex H8R Gen2 CO2 Revolver done by Tanie Militaria and they have it in stock at their store and can be ordered online or offline... "The CO2 powered replica of the Elite Force H8R second generation revolver is definitely a very distinctive product. The main body of the replica is made of high-quality homogeneous material.

The Firerarm Blog: Beretta "Model 1" Revolver


The Firearm Blog TV got to take a look an ultra rare revolver from Beretta, the "Model 1"... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at the Beretta Museum in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, looking at one of the rarest Berettas, the Beretta Model 1 revolver. Although Beretta holds several companies that make revolvers, few people know that Beretta made a revolver under its own name: The Beretta Model 1.

Hyperdouraku On The Tanaka Tokarev TT-3 Cap Gun & SAA Gas Revolver


Hyperdouraku visits Tanaka Works to check out their new products... "First of all, the SAA gas gun currently under development. Since it is still a prototype, the materials and finish may change in the product version. The die-cast parts are also a prototype that has not been colored yet. The basic structure is a Pegasus revolver that loads bullets and gas into the cylinder...

Ollie Talks Airsoft Kinda Reviews The BO Manufacture Chiappa Rhino 50DS


For fans of the Chiappa Rhino revolver series seen in pop culture, there is an airsoft version of the  Chiappa Rhino 50DS from BO Manufacture. In this video Ollie Talks Airsoft reviews the airsoft version, kinda... "A  look at the Airsoft 6mm Chiappa Rhino officially licensed by Chiappa Firearms in Italy.

This wouldn't be my first choice but its an interesting Airsoft replica none the less, lets take a look and see what its all about."

Golgy: BO Manufacture Chiappa Rhino 50DS


Golgy A Sunday Gamer takes a look at the limited edition Golgy: BO Manufacture Chiappa Rhino 50DS. There are only 500 pieces available and we don't know how many are left since it was released. This a collaboration amongst Chiappa Firearms (Italy), BO Manufacture (France) and Wingun (Taiwan) and it is a CO2 powered airsoft revolver that comes with full trades.

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