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Tactical Rifleman: How To Hold A Pistol

Tactical Rifleman got an Special Forces Instruction video on how to hold a pistol... "Gripping or holding the pistol is one of the more important fundamentals of shooing especially if you have multiple targets.

ShowGuns Kingsman TT-33 Pistol Shotgun

Bunny Workshop got in stock a custom Kingsman Pistol Shotgun made by ShowGuns right now and you can order it for US$385.00. Based on the pistol used in the "Kingsman" movie, the shotgun is made of CNC'd aluminium and CNC'd steel internals. The TT-33 is a WE system and it has a hard anodised finish, custom shortened trigger, conceal carry hammer, and CNC's wood grip panels.

Airsoft Mike: CAAAD Roni Conversion Kit

Airsoft Mike tackles conversion kits for his video review and he goes over of the CAA Airsoft Division Roni Carbine Conversion Kit for airsoft pistols... "The Roni conversion kit, in my opinion, looks cool and if used with a full auto Airsoft pistol, can improve stability accuracy! Other than that, this bit of kit wins me over on just looks and the 'tacticoolness' of it! Join me as I unbox and test!"

InRangeTV: WW1 & WW2 1911 Mud Test

Our favourite pistol gets the dirty treatment as InRangeTV does a mud test on the World War 1 and World War 2 variants... "The 1911 design & it's variants is considered one of the gold standard pistols in regards to reliability. How will it do with the InRange mud test?

Let's find out."

Marui Desert Eagle Vs Cybergun Desert Eagle

Airsoft Mike does us a good service in doing a comparison between the Tokyo Marui and Cybergun (OEM by KWC) Desert Eagle gas blowback pistols... "The big showdown is finally here! This is my last Airsoft gun review for about two to three months. During that time I will be attending and taking part in a few gameplays and will upload those soon. I will then return to my Airsoft unboxings and reviews later this year! But for now, its long, its epic, its the battle of the DESERT EAGLES!

1911 Airsoft Frame With .22 Conversion Kit?

Here is a video for those who want to know if they can convert an airsoft pistol to a .22. This is for educational purposes only and we do not recommend you trying it at home, especially if you are not a real firearms gunsmith. We're pretty sure your question is, "Will it work?" Find out in the video by D. Alex Oprea... "Trying to find out if a Sig .22 conversion kit will work on an Airsoft 1911 type setup."

Laylax Bite-MG Fast Pistol Mag Holder

One of the new releases available at Laylax is the Bite-MG Fast Pistol Mag Holder. Available in Black, DE, and OD colours, this is a plastic magazine holder that allows for a quick magazine change. For owners of Fast mag holders, this can be a good addition to the Fast mags and can be attached to webbings. This is available for the following models: Hi-Capa/M1911A1 Series, M92F Series, M9A1 Series, Glock Series, P226 Series, XDM-40, Px4, HK45, M&P9, and USP Compact.

TAC-TV: Arsenal Strike One Pistol

Larry Vickers checks out Tanfoglio where the Arsenal Firearms Strike One Pistol is made in this episode of Vickers Tactical TAC-TV... "In this episode from Tac TV Season 3, Larry sits down with founders and owners of AF USA, Dimitry Streshinskiy and Nicola Bandini, to discuss the Strike One pistol. He then joins Nicola at the Tanfoglio factory in Gardone Val Trompia where larry gets a first hand look at how the Strike One is made."

Mach 1 Airsoft M9 Beretta Contest

Mach 1 Airsoft are having a giveaway contest that is open to all Canadian airsoft players... "It’s contest time! Just got a new shipment of these badass airsoft M9 Berettas, and we’re feeling friendly. All you gotta do is guess how many BB pellets are in the cutout, and everything you see here is yours.

There’s a few things you gotta do for your entry to be eligible, though:

Echo1 XCR Pistols Coming Very Soon

Coming very soon and will be in time to stuff your Christmas stockings is the pistolised version of the Echo1 USA Polymer XCR AEGs. Who needs an AEP when these can the job even better with their higher capacity magazines... "The new poly XCR pistols are coming out very soon and just in time for Christmas. Same great poly XCR v2 gearbox but compact build and rear sling point. The AEP killer!"