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BB2K Airsoft: UHC Umarex HK MP5 Review

BB2K Airsoft gets an airsoft gun that's a wee bit smaller than the origina for this reviewl, the UHC Umarex HK MP5... "Today it is sometimes not serious in my channel. Actually, as always :-) I show you the H&K MP5 Kidz. A very compact, cheap, unprecise and cuddly MP5 for children. Have fun my friends."

Laylax Nitro.Vo MP5 KeyMod Rail Video

Laylax puts up a video demonstrating the Nitro.vo MP5 KeyMod Rail Handguards. It shows the features and how to install the handguards for those who have been wanting to have KeyMod on MP5 AEGs. This handguard is made to fit Tokyo Marui MP5 AEGs and compatible ones from other manufacturers.

Gunfire Instant Airsoft: CM041 SD6 AEG

Gunfire featues the MP5 SD6 AEG version from CYMA, the CM041 SD6... "CM041 SD6 is an airsoft replica of one of the most popular submachine guns in the World, used by police and military forces worldwide. Good quality of manufacture, great performance and compact size make it a perfect replica for CQB skirmish."

Nitro.Vo MP5 KeyMod Handguard Video

As announced early this month, the Nitro.Vo MP5 KeyMod Handguard is now available at Laylax. Made for the Tokyo Marui MP5 AEG Series (MP5A4, MP5A5, MP5RAS, MP5-J, MP5A5 HC), it can be easily installed without further modification and allows you to allow a PSE 7.4v Next Gen SOPMOD-Type Lipo Battery. Video below shows it installed on the Marui MP5 AEGs.

Laylax Nitro.Vo MP5 KeyMod Handguard

Now in stock at Laylax is the Nitro.Vo MP5 KeyMod Handguard that can be used on Tokyo Marui MP5 AEGs (some non-Marui MP5 AEGs maybe compatible). Made of aluminium, there is no need to further modifications and just install it to replace the original handguard. Once installed you can also use the PSE 7.4v Next Gen SOPMOD-Type Lipo Battery. Here the the compatible Marui MP5 AEGs that can use this handguard replacement:

Umarex H&K MP5 AEG Table Top Review

A table top review of the Umarex MP5 AEG done by Breaking Gun. This one is a two tone version with a tan body and black front and rear ends... "Today, I'll be reviewing the Umarex H&K MP5 airsoft gun. This is a spring and battery powered airsoft gun that shoots 6mm plastic BB's. Want more reviews? Let me know down below!"

Mach Sakai: G&G TGM-A4 AEG Review

Mach Sakai reviews the unique TGM-A4 AEG from G&G Armament, which is an MP5-based AEG. What makes it unique is the built-in battery in the handguard though the caveat is that you cannot use any thirdy party airsoft battery. He finds it a well-built and rigid MP5 AEG but is bothered by the 2-round burst fired on semi-auto mode as the fire selector modes don't allow for a 2-round burst mode as compared to other MP5 AEGs.

Latest Crazy Airsoft Review: MP5

Crazy Monday for you? Let's make it crazier with this new Crazy Airsoft Review from BirnyX/Johny Deadline Picture Production... "Another funny airsoft review for crazy airsofters. The MP5 gun is our favorite weapon. So small you can hide it behind the ear. And still big enough to be respected. Some consider it as the best CQB weapon. The Heckler & Koch MP5 excels at room clearing, the most important function in hostage rescue.

GSG & ATI Sue H&K On MP5 Design

After Heckler & Koch sued German Sports Guns GmBH) and American Tactical Imports (ATI) on the GSG-5 .22 rifle and won in 2009, the later two sued back earlier this week for US$16.5 million in damages. They assert the H&K does not own the rights to the MP5 design. The 2009 court case was settled for US$300,000 and if this goes to a hearing, it would be interesting to hear the arguments.


Thor has on his hands two 1:1 scale airsoft replicas of the Heckler & Koch MP5A2 and MP5K Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Guns made by Vega Force Company (VFC) under license from Umarex. Both are faithful to the original design, where it should be metal is metal and polymer is polymer. Both GBB SMGs are available at