Simple Airsoft Loadout 2021


The Pulverizer Airsoft Channel shows his simple loadout that should get one ready for a day game at the airsoft field. As always, in putting a barebones loadout, don't skimp on the protective gear... "This is my simple airsoft loadout 2021. You can see all of my gears for airsoft: starting from goggles, helmet, gloves, until knee pad."

1990s British Army Loadout By AATV


Another loadout episode by Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) with Anvil showing the loadout of British Army soldiers in the 1990s, especially during the Yugoslav Wars... "We take a look at a 1990s British Army Infantry Loadout for Airsoft in this episode. The inspiration is photos of Operation Agricola in Kosovo 1999. We cover the introduction of Soldier 95 Clothing then go on to looking at Windproof Smocks and Tropical Trousers.

AATV: British Army Falklands War Loadout


A good video from Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) with Gadge showing what are needed to put together the British Army Falklands War Loadout... "We present a British Army Cold War Loadout, suitable for use in Falkland's / Operation Corporate or 1980s Cold War airsoft events. This would be suitable for playing the part of a British Infantry soldier during the late 1970s and into the 1980s.



A look at how to put together a UKSF loadout which many airsoft players would like know given that it's about the renowned SAS and SBS loadout as featured by Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV)... "Gadge goes through his UKSF Loadout for Airsoft. This would be suitable for playing the part of an SAS or SBS counter terrorist operator from about 2015 onwards.

Red Army Airsoft: Putting Together An Airsoft Juggernaut


Wanting to put together a Juggernaut loadout for aisoft? Red Army Airsoft got a video to show you how... "An airsoft juggernaut is usually a large fighter in heavy armor, a stern looking, who, moreover, is almost unkillable. Such a character is usually needed for the implementation of special scenarios or as the final boss in the battle for the right to guard a tactical puddle.

USAirsoft Top 5 Unique Airsoft Loadouts


We got another Top 5 list form USAirsoft and it's all about unique loadouts that airsoft players bring to the field... "It feels so good to be back with a new episode of The Airsoft Tops Series! By popular vote, we bring you just 5 more of the most unique Airsoft loadouts and kits that have ever been put together from all across the world!

From America, the UK, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Sweden, dozens of players and enthusiasts fought for the top spot but only 1 could claim it.

Major Jasem's "MOSUL" Loadout


The film "Mosul", which is about the Nineveh SWAT Team that operated in the area during the occupation of ISIS of Iraq's second biggest city, is a good movie to watch and in the airsoft community, a war film is good for them when they start putting an airsoft loadout inspired by what they saw. Spanish-language airsoft business, Kraken Airsoft, talks about Major Jasem's loadout, played by Suhail Dabbach in the movie.

AATV: US Vietnam Airsoft Loadout


Gadge takes over from Anvil for this Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) episode to show us the different loadouts and impressions of the U.S. gear, clothing and weaponry during the Vietnam War. Most of these were procured from Soldier of Fortune UK which has an extensive inventory of various uniforms and gear for airsofters and reenactors.

AATV: Budget Milsim Loadout


For this episode, Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) talk about the Early Afghan British Infantry loadout as an optiong for an afforable loadout for Milsim use... "Want a great Milsim Loadout on a budget? How about this option used by British Troops and inspired by Op Jacana in 2002."

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