Red Ivan Airsoft: RhSAS Airsoft Loadout


Another loadout video from Red Ivan Airsoft showing the Rhodesian SAS loadout. This unit was in existence from 1951 to 1980... "Hello, Comrades, in this video we will talk about the Mid War Rhodesian SAS ( RhSAS) airsoft loadout.

We will discuss difference between Cross-border and Domestic Reid Uniforms and Equipment, brief history of the Brushstroke Camouflage, and uniform pieces in this pattern that was commonly used by RhSAS.

1st Canadian Parachutist Impression


An overview video of a World War 2 airsoft impression as put together for this Storm Riders video. This covers the 1st Canadian Parachute Batallion Paratrooper. Formed in 1942, the unit took part in Operation Tonga, Battle of the Bulge, Operation Varsity, and Operation Overlord and got disbanded in September 1945... "In this video, Jon goes over his accurate WW2 1st Canadian Parachutist Impression kit."

Best Stealth Semi-Auto Airsoft Loadout


The Airsoft CamMan talks about his loadout and being stealthy with it... "When the trees and bushes are overgrown and thick is it easier to use a silent semi auto loadout to get your BBs though to the target?

So far, I've found the Wolverine MTW the best, stealthiest and most silent way to do it."

TrueMobster: The Best Airsoft Russian Loadouts


Check out these gear to mak your own Russian loadout in this video by TrueMobster... "The latest channel sponsor GreyShop sent a huge box of Russian gear for my videos, if you want to make a Russian Airsoft load out, find out whats inside!"

Callsign Reach's Indoor CQB Loadout


Here is what Callsign Reach's MARS Kit or his indoor CQB loadout... "Nothing beats the cool factor of an all-black airsoft loadout. And while black gear isn't the most practical color for airsoft (because they don't blend into anything), they are very cool to use on indoor fields! In this video, Reach shows off his indoor CQB loadout, better known in 2135 as the MARS kit.

Kraken Airsoft: Loadout Essentials


So what are the essential stuff that should be part of your loadout all the the time? Kraken Airsoft talks about these in this vlog... "Today we are back with another Vlog! Kraken gets all set for a day on the airsoft field by packing up his airsoft loadout and soldering some batteries!"

Kraken Airsoft: Quarantine Airsoft Loadout


Probably, each airsoft player his/her own take on what is an airsoft loadout under quarantine/lockdown. Kraken Airsoft shows his in this video... "Well we are a little late with this one but none the less checkout Maroon's quarantine loadout! A super sick loadout for 2020, that is complete with a respirator! If you are looking for the perfect loadout for the times, well I think this is it."

Dragonsoft's Lightweight Airsoft Loadout For 2020


Find out what Dragonsoft has put together for his lightweight airsoft loadout in 2020... "Whatever went wrong with my belt... This is the lightest, fastet and most comfortable airsoft loadout, wich still doesn't compromise on anything, since you can still carry enough mags and a secondary (with 2 extra mags). If the field doesn't require it, I often times play without a pistol. The Plate Carrier is lightweight and has an build in admin pouch, wich I use for documents, cash and car keys.

Kraken Airsoft: Unique Beginner Loadout 2020


Another loadout video from Kraken Airsoft for newbies to consider... "On today's episode Kraken goes over a budget friendly beginner airsoft loadout, using simple items everyone has around home. Besides his trusty Jag Arms Scattergun of course. Hopefully this video will prove that you dont need the fanciest airsoft loadout on the field to enjoy the day, or look cool.

You can do it all for quite cheap, and get out and have a ton of fun!"

Modern Warfare SCAR-L Loadout Based On Airsoft Loadout


Airsoft players take the effot to turn the loadouts seen in video games into airsoft loadouts. TheElite115 does the opposite and what he uses in airsoft, he took time to put together for his loadout in COD Modern Warfare... "Today, Modern Warfare makes an appearance on the channel for the first time and I'm going to be recreating my airsoft loadout, the SCAR L into Modern Warfare."

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