Dirty Barrel vs Clean Barrel Compared


Here is the obvious reason why you should always have a clean airsoft inner barrel in this video by the Pulverizer Airsoft Channel... "This is the comparison video of a dirty inner barrel vs clean inner barrel in airsoft. In this video I am using my Wolverine Krytac HPA. What's the difference between a clean barrel and a dirty barrel?"

Inner Barrel & Magazine Custom For Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gen5 MOS


Laylax has prepared upgrades for the new Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS GBB Pistol. A video has been released that introduces the procedure for installing parts that are compatible with Tokyo Marui's gas blowback handgun, the G17 Gen5 MOS. As of December 2023, the products compatible with the G17 Gen5 MOS include a handgun barrel that measures 97mm in length and has an inner diameter of 6.03mm.

Would Changing Barrel & Bucking Improve Accuracy?


4UAD Smart Airsoft has been conducting a series of experiments to determine the impact of various configurations on the accuracy of gas blowbacks. One of the key areas of focus has been the inner barrel and bucking. They have specifically used Unicorn Bucking and Unicorn Barrels in their tests. The quality of a barrel is crucial in these experiments, and there are certain criteria to assess if a barrel is good. Another significant component in their setup is the Unicorn TDC Hop-up Chamber.

Double Eagle Hop-Up & Barrel Upgrade


Tutorial from the Airsoft Manuals series of Taiwan Gun shows how to upgrade the hop-up and inner barrel of Double Eagle Airsoft Gun... "The second movie from our new series shows how to in a fast, easy, and affordable way tune up greatly the performance of your replica. This time we change not only the hop-up bucking and the barrel but also the hop-up chamber. Check it out!"

Sniper Mechanics: CYMA CM701 Hop Unit & Barrel


More teching by Sniper Mechanics as he upgrades the CYM CM701 airsoft sniper rifle... "In this video Snipermechanics will be continuing the upgrades to the CYMA CM701 airsoft sniper, specifically looking at the Hop unit & barrel. The CYMA CM701 is a VSR10 clone, which takes all of the same VSR-10 upgrade parts.

The Cyma CM701 is one of the better VSR-10 clones due to CYMA being 100% Tokyo Marui compatible and also very budget friendly.

For this CM701, we'll be installing:

Installing A Custom Inner Barrel For Tokyo Marui AKM GBB


Laylax put out this video showing how to install their custom inner barrel made for the Tokyo Marui AKM Gas Blowback Rifle. The F.FACTORY brand offers a stainless steel inner barrel designed specifically for Tokyo Marui gas blowback machine guns, including the AKM and AKX models. The barrel, with a length of 200mm and an inner diameter of φ6.03mm, boasts a high precision tolerance of ±0.01mm.

PDI Wide Bore 6.1+ Inner Barrel For Carbon8 Striker-9


For owners of the Carbon8 Stiker-9 CO2 Blowback pistol, they can upgrade the inner barrel with the PDI Wide Bore 6.1+ Inner Barrel which has a length of 97mm. The CS barrel is a more affordable alternative to their premium SUS barrels. It boasts the largest inner diameter within the CS inner barrel range. While the FPS is lower compared to RAVEN and DELTA, it offers improved flight stability.

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