Replacing Your Hop-Up Unit & Inner Barrel


Grace Airsoft has this 27-minute video showing you how to replace the Hop-up and Inner Barrel for your AR-style AEG... "Grace explains in a very long, drawn out and unsure way, how to replace the hop up unit and barrel on an M4/M16 style Airsoft AEG rifle."

Properly Cleaning An Inner Barrel


What airsoft beginners and even veterans should be proficient, cleaning the inner barrels of their airsoft guns. In this 5 Minute Fix episode of the Airsoft Headquarters, they show how to do it properly... "This was supposed to be Mondays video; work got the best of me so there will be no thumbnail for a little bit. Hope that's fine with everyone else."

G&G Armament G-13 Inner Barrel Series


A good selection of inner barrels from G&G Armament are available to order... "Manufactured with high-quality metal, G&G inner barrels provide the performance and range you seek. Our 6.03mm and 6.04mm tight bore barrels are a great upgrade for precision shots downrange. The 6.08mm inner barrel is a great OEM replacement for stock AEG's. G&G inner barrels are also offered in a wide range of lengths for maximum versatility.

Nine Ball Carbon8 CO2 M45 CQP/DOC 112.5mm Inner Barrel


Laylax will be releasing this month the Nine Ball Carbon8 CO2 M45 CQP/DOC 112.5mm Inner Barrel with a 6.03mm inner diametre. So far this CO2 pistol is available mainly in Japan... "The inner barrel, which is the true meaning of this word, collects the performance efficiency of each internal part (hammer spring, cylinder unit, chamber etc ...) with different functions, and entrusts it to a single BB bullet to guide it to the target.

Prometheus Tight Bore Inner Barrels At

OptimusPrime tests the accuracy that you can get with the Prometheus Tight Bore Inner Barrels from Laylax which they have available... "In Greek mythology, Prometheus created man-kind and stole the power of fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to man-kind. The Myth has little to do with this product but it is a cool story Prometheus-Airsoft would like to share with you. Nevertheless, this is an awesome AEG tight bore barrel favored by many.

Cleaning Your Rifle Barrel Tips


Airsoft Ranch 101 shows how to properly clean your inner barrel to ensure that BBs fly out perfectly during games... "Today I will show you how to clean the barrel of your rifle. All you need is some paper towels, your cleaning rod, rifle and some cleaning oil. I recommend silicone oil as it works good and removes most of the dirt and grime. I would also recommend some lubricant such as Ballistol.

6.01mm vs. 6.03mm Inner Barrels


Fox Airsoft does a comparison of 6.01mm and 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrels in this video... "You'll remember in a previous video we talked about upgrade barrels and what they do. If you decide now that you need one, the next step is choosing what kind. Do you want a 6.01mm or a 6.03mm? Do you want it to be aluminum, brass, stainless steel or steel? What's better? We'll give you some food for thought in this video."

Changing The Inner Barrel Of The G&G ARP9 AEG


Ranger Rett makes it easy for you to change the inner barel of th G&G ARP9 AEG when doing an upgrade to make it more accurate... "If your having trouble changing the inner barrel or you are looking to increase your accuracy in airsoft, than this video is for you!"

NINEBALL TM V10 Ultra 74.0mm Inner Barrel


Laylax will be releasing two 74.0mm inner barrels for the Tokyo Marui V10 Ultra Compact GBB Pistol. NINEBALL TM V10 Ultra 74.0mm Inner Barrel will be available in 6.03mm and 6.00mm diametres... "The technology cultivated in the EG barrel of the Prometheus series was thoroughly inputted. A barrel with a small inner diameter can achieve accuracy accuracy (according to our test results) that can target even points when combined with a highly accurate BB bullet.

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