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Inner Barrel

Maple Leaf Hop-Up & Inner Barrel Set Review

The latest review from Team Iron Foot covers this upgrade set from Maple Leaf for the WE G17 Gen 3 Gas Blowback Pistol... "Maple Leaf Hop Unit & Inner Barrel Set - Fitting & Review for WE Gen 3 Glock 17 - How to improve the power (fps), grouping / consistency of your airsoft gas blowback pistol.

How To Clean & Maintain AEG Barrels

One responsibility of airsoft players to their airsoft guns is to make them clean and well maintained all the time, including the inner barrels. This way, they will perform well in the field, and last longer so always make this a regular thing before or after going to an airsoft game. In this Airsoft GI Uncut episode, it is is about the cleaning and maintenance of AEG barrels as shown by Zach. In case you have forgotten, this should freshen your memory...

PSS 6.03 Inner Barrel For Marui M40A5

Video from Laylax showing you how to install the PSS 6.03 Inner Barrel for the Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle. This is a 280mm stainless steel inner barrel with a 6.03 mm High accuracy ± 0.01 mm dimensional accuracy with the steel giving it the strength for a stable trajectory upon exiting the muzzle.

Poseidon Inner Barrels Review By AMNB

Aryan checks out the Poseidon Inner Barrels in this latest review on the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog... "Inner barrels are a dime a dozen in the Airsoft market, with most brands selling their own variety of the same style of inner barrel for multiple different replica types. It is hard to move away from what is already known to work in the Airsoft industry.

Poseidon Inner Barrels Now At Gunfire

A brand representing the Greek God of the Sea and Earthquakes is now part of the lineup of airsoft products at Gunfire. Check out these Poseidon Inner Barrels if they offer enhanced performance... "We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new brand at Gunfire - Poseidon! In the catalog of this manufacturer you will find a variety of tuning parts, but above all, tightbores for AEG and GBB replicas, equipped with the revolutionary Air Cushion system!

Laylax: Changing Glock GBB Inner Barrel

Another helpful video for Tokyo Marui Glock 18C and Glock 17 GBB pistol owners if they are happy to follow a Japanese-language howto video. Laylax has put this video with their own 6.03mm inner barrel for these pistols as well as replacing the chamber bucking. Both replacement/upgrade parts are available at their online store.

Simple Airsoft M4 Upgrades: Inner Barrel

The Brain Exploder starts his Simple Airsoft Upgrades with Part 1 being Inner Barrels... "Taking you through some simple upgrades that can greatly improve any gun and don't require a degree in mechanical engineering.

Krytac & Laylax Inner Barrel Agreement

Krytac are reciprocating with their distribution agreement with Laylax in Japan, with the latter now able  to hold the rights to distribute the Krytac AEGs in the land of airsoft. Now for the U.S. market, they just inked an agreement that Krytac now becomes the exclusive distributor of the Prometheus High Precision Inner Barrels as announced yesterday:

Airsoft Station: Airsoft Barrel Cleaning

Perhaps a boring topic for those who regularly clean the inner barrels of their airsoft guns, but for those who are newbies or about to get into airsoft, it's one of the things they need to learn first, apart from the safety rules, ensuring that their guns don't get jammed. Airsoft Station gives their own advice on cleaning the barrel in this video.

Airsoftology: Miracle Barrel Next Gen Tightbore

Jonathan Higgs checks out the Miracle Barrel's Next Generation Tightbore Barrel in this Airsoftology video review... "Jonathan looks at the Next Generation of the Miracle barrel on the airsoft battlefield to see if this 6.06mm "tightbore" barrel can really make that big of a difference in your airsoft gun's accuracy, or is it all smoke and mirrors..."