Fox Airsoft: Hopup Buckings Explained


In one of their tech tips videos, Fox Airsoft explains how Hopup buckings work, giving you a clear and concise understanding... "One of the first upgrades you can tackle yourself or have done is to change your bucking. Buckings are a wear item and can affect performance and function greatly when they go back. Upgrading to a nicer bucking can also be more worthwhile because they will last longer and be more consistent. But what does the bucking actually affect?"

AirsoftJunkiez On M4 Hopup Stabilization


Watch this video from AirsoftJunkiez on M4 Hopup Stabilisation, Accuracy, and Midcap Feeding Correction... "This setup will increase Accuracy as well as help midcaps to feed more efficiently in your M4 platfrom based gun. This eliminates play within your barrel and outer barrel as well as left to right movement with the hopup chamber. Hopup setup parts listed below.

FireFly Hopup Packing and Bucking


For those with higher-powered airsoft replicas, these products at Airsoft Extreme can help you... "FireFly Hopup packing and bucking. 3 types of packing for TM pistols and spring rifles. There is Hard, Soft and Extra Soft. We also have the Hard Hopup Bucking for high powered AEG's."  These are made for TM AEGs, GBBs, and spring powered rifles so make sure you install them on TM compatible ones.


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