W28 Centre Airsoft Game Field Closes


A favourite game field in Hong Kong, W28 Centre, closed down last month. Located in Tin Shui Wai, N.T. just near the border with Mainland China, it is also one of the preferred sites by XPAT Airsoft according to Haymund Lau. Photos below show the game site demolished and also Haymund had a video made three years ago showing in the field in full glory.

Hong Kong Airsoft Shopping Tour


Hong Kong is an airsoft shopping Mecca and the epicentre of it all is Mong Kok along Dundas, Yin Chong and Kwong Wa streets where you can see airsoft stores line-up. You can get off either at Mong Kok or Yau Ma Tei MTR station, though we recommend the latter. BenYeah gives us a tour of the area in this video... "In this episode, BenYeah will bring you to the BB gun (airsoft) market in Hong Kong, to see how good and how much are those BB guns."

3-Gun Nation Airsoft 2017 Round 3


We get to see some 3-Gun Nation Airsoft as Joe Lau gets into action for the  3-Gun Nation Airsoft 2017 Round 3 that was held recently. In this event he won the Overall Real-Action Practical Division. 3-Gun is a shooting sports discipline where shooters show their proficiency with the pistol, rifle, and shotgun, shooting at targets at the fastest time possible.

Bryant Yu At 3-Gun Nation Airsoft HK 2016


Professional shooter Bryant Yu of the Philippines does some 3-Gun Nation Airsoft version shooting in his visit to Hong Kong in this video by the Cebu Pistol & Rifle Association (CPRA)... "Bryant Yu takes a try on his first 3GN Airsoft match experiencing how to load a shot shell with pellet every stage was something new for him. Catch this video of him running thru the stages."

3-Gun Nation HK Airsoft Match 2015


The first official sanctioned 3-Gun Nation Airsoft Match was finally included in Hong Kong this weekend. This is a fast growing airsoft competitive sport apart from airsoft practical shooting and will require more gun skills from the shooter. Congratulations to the winners of this event and we included a video from Calvin Lee showing the action.


RWTV At The ROSS Show 2015 Hong Kong


RedWolf Airsoft was at the ROSS Show 2015, otherwise known also as the Sports Expo 2015 Hong Kong, where they manned the airsoft section with other airsoft companies. RWTV was there to give you the highlights of the show that took place last weekend... "RedWolf entered their first ever ROSS (Recreational Outdoor Survival & Shooting) Show and it was quite an experience.

Bunny Workshop At Sports Expo 2015 HK


ThisIan of Bunny Workshop is our man on the ground as he reports the first day of the Sports Expo 2015 Hong Kong. Major airsoft companies in Hong Kong banded together in one area for a good presence of airsoft as a sport amidst other sport disciplines at the expo... "We checked out the Hong Kong Sport Expo 2015 today and did an insight on what was happening there! we went through 4 of the main booths such as the RedWolf Airsoft, PTS, ARES, and Supreme Co.

New Claymore Airsoft TV Episodes


Matt Furey-King sends us links to the latest episodes of Claymore Airsoft TV. These are still a continuation of his airsoft experience in Hong Kong with the first video showing us Impact Force CQB and other airsoft game sites and the second one is more airsoft stores in the Cheung Sha Wan, where RedWolf Airsoft is also located and got to have a chat with Tim of RWTV.

Hong Kong Furey Part 2

A Statement from Mr. Frog Lee of APS


Last week, we got information from Hong Kong airsoft players spotting Mr. Frog, the Sales and Marketing Director of APS Concept/Airsoft in the media videos and photos trying to remove the barricades by Pro Democracy activists in Mong Kok. Mong Kok is an area where many airsoft businesses are located in Hong Kong. He was set upon by the protesters to prevent him from dismantling the barricade but the police were able to separate him from the protesters.

Customer Advisory from Bunny Workshop


A quick advisory from Bunny Workshop for all of their customers, asking them for their understanding as events are unfolding in Hong Kong right now where democracy protesters are continuing their actions due to Beijing's breaking of promises of allowing them to elect their own leader in 2017. Instead, Beijing wants to screen all the candidates and only approved ones can run...

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