"Are You Getting The Best Performance From Your Glock?"


Good question. Ollie Talks Airsoft covers airsoft Glocks especially when using them in cold weather conditions... "Making small improvements to the performance of your sidearm will help you out as the temperature drops and gas guns start to struggle more. making sure you match your router with the nozzle will see you getting the most out of the system you're using."

CAA ROBOSTOCK For Glock Pistols


A compact and easy to use extended stock for Glock Gen3, Gen4 and Gen5 pistols, the CAA ROBOSTOCK is available to order for US$99.00... "With the push of a button, ROBOSTOCK instantly transforms from a compact rectangle into an extended stock for all Glock models with the grip BACKSTRAP CAVITY

Made for glock gen 3,4 and 5

SIZE: 15 X 8 X 2 cm WEIGHT: 230 gm

RWTV: Top 10 Best Airsoft Glocks


Well, it's no contest. In the top 10 best airsoft Glocks according to RedWolf Airsoft TV, all are made by VFC which of course is the OEM for the licensed Glocks for airsoft via Umarex. But if they say "Glock-style", then it can be a whole new ballgame... "Though they might all look the same, there are differences between all the different Glocks! We have a list of what we think are the 10 Best Airsoft Glocks."

Slong Carbine Kit For Glock 17 GBB Pistols


Alexander talks about tthe Slong Carbine Kit for compatible G17 GBB pistols mainly Tokyo Marui, KJ Works, WE and VFC available at Airsoft-Rus... "Designed for installation of full-size Glock pistols in it - 17 and 18C That will allow you to turn the pistol into a compact submachine gun (in the presence of automatic fire) and install various accessories - a sight, a flashlight, a grip, etc.

The Mystery Of The Binding-Up Glock Slide


Ollie Talks Airsoft talks about how to resolve the binding-up Glock slide that players who have experienced the same issue to look into... "I've been having issues with my TM spec Guarder/Ready Fighter Loki Neo Glock 17 build. Well it turns out the lower was the issue, I should have expected it from the Guarder complete lower!"

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