Taiwan Gun: CYMA CM.057B Sniper Rifle


A quick overview of the CYMA CM.057B airsoft sniper rifle available at Taiwan Gun... "After very good opinions of the previous version of SVD, CYMA presents the next replica of this popular sniper rifle. The iconic rifle of high-quality workmanship is a position that will please many airsoft players. The replica is made of high-quality materials such as aluminum, polymer and steel. Parts made of steel: receiver cover, safety lever, trigger guard and magazine.

Callsign: Reach With The CYMA PP-19 Bizon AEG


Callsign: Reach gives his take on the CYMA PP-19 Bizon AEG if it is a viable airsoft PP-19 AEG... "The real stuff that inspires our airsoft replicas is designed with a purpose. For example, the Bizon was designed to provide fast, sustained fire at close range and is a popular CQB option for Russian police units. The question is: does that translate into airsoft? Reach takes a look at the CYMA PP-19 Bizon, an airsoft replica based on the AKS-74.

Negative Airsoft: EMG (CYMA) Umbrella Corp AR15 AEG


Negative Airsoft went positive this time as he features the EMG Umbrella Corp AR15 AEG made by CYMA... "I don't know about reliability over time but I was so impressed I purchased one for myself after this one was finished - that's how impressed I was. Hop unit replaced with a ZCI & a flat hop but that's it... Complete's stock inside otherwise."

CYMA VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle At Evike.com


Matt tries the CYMA VSR-10 bolt action airsoft sniper rifle which of course is a clone of the venerable and best selling Tokyo Marui VSR-10 series... "The VSR-10 bolt action series by CYMA presents the external appearance of a high quality finished VSR-10 sniper rifle, with an easily up-gradable Tokyo Marui / JG / HFC compatible internal parts, good magazine availability / compatibility, is bipod ready and scope ready.


CYMA M4 Long Gel Blaster Review


CYMA manufactures Gel Blasters as well as they see a demand in Australia as well as other places where airsoft is illegal but gel blasters are not. TacToys show us the features of the CYMA M4 Long Gel Blaster in this quick video review... "In this video, we do a quick overview on the CYMA M4 Long that has just been released!

TacToys is an Australian Gel Blaster Shop. We specialise in sales, repairs and modification."

CYMA CM650B RK47 MOSFET Edition Review


CYMA has an airsoft version of the KAC SR-47 rifle, allowing you to use AK-style AEG magazines with an AR platform. The CYMA CM650B is an affordable AEG that comes a built MOSFET which AEGs nowadays are coming out with as standard. L'Antre du Dingo got a unit to look at for this video review... "Let's have a look at the new Cyma 650B, this low-budget gun is fitted with a MOSFET."

E&L T EL103K-S Paratrooper & More Arrivals At Gunfire


Get those fingers busy clicking for the new arrivals at the Gunfire online store. They've got the E&L Airsoft EL103K-S Paratrooper in stock. If you want more airsoft guns, they got new deliveries from CYMA and Krytac plus more parts and accessories to meet your needs... "Don't miss new deliveries from CYMA, GATE, Titan, Krytac and more.


CYMA CM048 Review By Vipex Airsoft


Vipex Airsoft finds the CYMA CM048 a reliable AK AEG to use so if you are on a budget and looking for a good performing AEG, you might want to put this in your list of candidates... "In this video we’re going to go over the Cyma CM048M which is. AKM replica. It is a full metal AEG with real wood furniture. Since I got this AEG I have to say it’s been holding up even with its age. Watch the video til the end to see what possible upgrades are planes for it."

CYMA XM177E2 ETU AEG Review By Hyperdouraku


Gentaro Toi reviews for Hyperdouraku the CYMA XM177E2 ETU AEG. Budget-conscious players should rejoice knowing the CYMA is churning out AEGs that come with MOSFET pre-installed though the question always is, will it perform to give the mid to high-end AEGs a stiff competition?... "Five models of the nostalgic M16 series electric guns from the Chinese brand CYMA are now available. The biggest feature is that it is equipped with the CYMA electronic trigger system 'ETU (Electric Trigger Unit)'.

LCT LCK-74 vs CYMA CM.048


Bohemia Airsoft got both AEGs in stock and they show the differences between these two airsoft guns... "Video review of LCT LCK-74 and CYMA CM.048 AEGs. The goal of this review is not to tell which weapon is better, but to show the difference between them. After all, everyone wants something different from their weapon. Therefore, this video is a bit longer than the usual reviews. This time we also tried a few new tricks again in the studio. Are you interested in one of these AEGs?"

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