Reapers Airsoft: CYMA CM.131 Gen.3 AEP


If you want to watch a very compehensive review of an AEP, here is Reapers Airsoft's review of the CYMA CM.131 Gen. 3 AEP which he just left no stone unturned, unless you notice some oversight. As always, it is over an hour long... "Hello guys, today we are looking at the new CM 131 from Cyma, which is not only suitable for beginners."

Geonox Airsoft: CYMA CM.122 AEP


Another CYMA AEP reviewed by Geonox Airsoft and it comes with the standard version as well as the Gen 2 with MOSFET and Lipo-ready features, the CYMA CM.122 is based in the SIG P226 pistol... "In this video I present the CM.122 from Cyma and show you what I like and what I don't like about the Airsoft. We have already looked at the CM.030, the CM.127 and the CM.126. Here we have an AEP in the SIG Sauer P226 design. Which of these models you take is a matter of taste.

CYMA Sport SR16E3 AEG Straight Outta the Box


DesertFox Airsoft felt "betrayed" by CYMA with the CYMA Sport SR16E3 AEG in this Straight Outta the Box episode. This is an AR-style AEG, based on the SR16E3 rifle with aluminium alloy upper and lower receiver, aluminum free float railed handguard with integrated flip up front sight, ambidextrous magazine and bolt release, and adjustable crane style stock. Its Version 2 Gearbox has 8mm bearings.

CYMA M14 AEG Review & Shooting Test


If you are on a budget but want a Tokyo Marui M14 AEG, players recommend the CYMA M14 AEG as it is said to be at almost at par performance than the Marui version and it is a Marui clone. BB-Ballistics goes over this AEG which was released over a decade ago if it still gives the most bang for buck amongst M14 AEGs... "This week we Unbox, Review and shoot the CYMA M14 Airsoft AEG."

CYMA CM093BM In Gunfire's Instant Airsoft


A quick look at the CM093BM AEG from CYMA that is based on the KAC SR-47 and available at Gunfire... "The CM093 carbine replica is a specific hybrid that combines the features of two popular designs: AR15 and AK. The magazine and the magazine well in the AK standard have been adapted to the well-known and liked AR15 platform, thanks to which the replica is characterized by its original appearance and completely new functionality.

Gunfather Milsim's Take On The CYMA Platinum SR25 AEG


A quick video review by Gunfather Milsim on the CYMA Platinum SR25 which is an affordable SR25 AEG in the market... "This is a quick review of the CYMA Platinum SR-25 QBS  (Model: 14.5" M-LOK). In this video I go over the pros and cons of the design and briefly discuss its stock performance. I will be completing a AEG DMR build on this rifle in the near future so stay tuned for this project."

Geonox Airsoft: CYMA CM.125 AEP


A USP AEP version in the form of the CYMA CM.125 AEP is available in the market and Geonox Airsoft takes a look at one if it's a good alternative to a gas blowback... "In this video I present the CM.125 from Cyma and show you what I like and what I don't like about the Airsoft. We have already looked at the CM.030, the CM.127 and the CM.126. Here we have an AEP in HK USP design. Which of these models you take is a matter of taste.

The Salty Old Gamer With The CYMA M870 Shotgun


A well-loved tri-shot springer shotgun, the CYMA M870 airsoft shotgun gets reviewed by the Salty Old Gamer... "Taking a look at the CYMA Standard Full Metal M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun, aka the CYMA CM.351. It's spring powered, but has a great reputation. Let's see if it lives up to it."

Gunfire: CYMA AR15 & AK HYBRID


CYMA got its own series of the SR-47 or the AR rifle that uses AK magazines, the CM093 Series and here is a 69-second presentation by Leszek on the CYMA CM093 series available at Gunfire... "You can't decide whether to choose an AR15 or AK type replica? CYMA has a solution for you. See the latest model that combines the features of two popular designs: the AR15 platform and the AK standard magazine. Did the brand reconcile the fans of both constructions?

Disconnecting A CM.506 Wiring For Stock Replacement


Another special request by a viewer to Pheas Airsoft to get assistance on how replace the stock of the CYMA CM.506 AEG... "This is a requested video to show how to disconnect the wires on a CM.506 so that the stock can be fully removed and replaced.

I show how to remove it without any disconnection and how to further remove the connectors so the end of the wiring is removed."

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