The Heresy Group: Airsoft BBs Inside & Out


The Heresy Group tested some BBs for accuracy and quality... "So the team over at @valkyrie_airsoft_ltd sent us some bb’s to test much like many people in the airsoft community!

We have a video dropping Friday on our verdict of up close testing with some accuracy testing to come in the future what I can say is the quality and uniformity was good with a solid interior."

HPA Tracer BBs In Stock At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez show how a night event got lit up using HPA Tracer BBs in this video posted on their Facebook Page. These are now available in different weights at their store... "Light it up with HPA Tracer BBs. Available in .25,.28,.30 & .32g tracer BBs."

"The Best Airsoft BBs for Snipers?"


Find out in this video what Airsoft After Hours consider to be the best BBs for use in airsoft sniper rifles... "We get asked what BB's we use quite often, so here is a video showing some of the BB's we use and our thoughts on them.

This is our opinion on the best BB's we've used. This is not the answer to which BB brand is the best in the world, it is our opinion so make sure you test different BB's before making your mind up on which BB brand you like the best, stay safe guys and girls and have fun!"

6mm Airsoft BB vs. 4.5mm Metal BB


Max Cherepenin takes the plastic airsoft BB and compares to the 4.5 metal BB in this video. Also, we would never recommend using spherical metal BBs for use in airsoft... "Hope you guys enjoy this video with the comparison between the two types of bb sizes that are commonly found in the replica firearm world."

High Power Airsoft .68g "The Rock" BBs


Prepare to dodge this BB if it ever arrives at your airsoft game site. Airsoftjunkiez are expecting the arrival of the High Power Airsoft .68g "The Rock" BBs. This BB will make you cringe just by the name itself. Airsoftjunkiez also got lower weight High Power Airsoft BBs at their online store in case those are what you need instead of slinging "The Rock."

Gun Gamers: Which BBs Fly Fastest?


An interesting episode from the Gun Gamers as they look into how fast BBs fly under the different weights... "Today on Gun Gamers, Eric and Kyle start the first in a series for the channel.  In this video, we discuss the results of a test conducted to see how quickly BBs arrive on target after shooting, and to see if the conventional wisdom of heavier BBs being slower holds true."

Salty Old Gamer: What BBs To Use?


Another Salty Old Gamer guide as he helps you decide which airsoft BBs to use... "Help! What airsoft BBs should I use? Welcome to another video in our airsoft beginner series. We're talking about BB Weight and BB Quality, and telling you exactly why what kind of BB you use DOES indeed matter. Want to know why airsoft bb quality and weight matters, and when to use what kind of bbs in your airsoft gun? Watch and find out."

How ASG Does Quality Control Of BBs


Action Sport Games (ASG) provide some of most preferred BBs by airsoft players especially in Europe. Julien of ASG shows how the company does quality control of these... "ASG is the only one to control the calibre of its BBs thanks to a machine invented and developed by its engineers! The proof is in the picture!!! Long live the made in Europe!!!"

EMG International Match Grade BBs


Whilst EMG is building is brand of airsoft guns, it also has a line of BBs that can meet the needs of the airsoft shooter... "EMG International has skyrocketed to one of the most trusted brands in the training and simulation arms market, known for producing many of the best and most realistic Airsoft training weapons on the market today. In their endless endeavor to offer the end user the best and most simple solutions to all of their training needs, EMG is proud to offer the EMG International line of match grade 6mm Airsoft BB.

More Rockets BBs In Stock At Gunfire


An assortment of BBs from Rockets that you can use for day or night games are now available for you to order at Gunfire... "New supplies from Rockets have just arrived at Gunfire magazine! You can find nearly 50 kinds of BBs, including BIO, Tracer and Heavy. Check wide range of packaging from 1000 pieces to 25 kilograms."

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