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Invader Gear Reaper ATP Plate Carrier

Romanian airsoft retailer Airsoft6 feature the Reaper ATP Plate Carrier from Invader Gear in this video.... "This tactical vest is a molar laser cutting platform manufactured by Invader Gear. The front model is made of nylon material and is covered on a large part of the surface with cut molar laser fastening systems. The waist dimensions are adjustable both in width and height, allowing a firm fit on the user's body.

Dual Wield KWA ATP & WE G18C

It's been sometime since we last saw someone posting an airsoft gameplay video showing a player doing dual wield. In this video, 6mm Karma does dual wield using the KWA ATP and WE Airsoft G18C Gas Blowback Pistols, which are course Glock-like in design... "Todays videos is a litte game play taken at my local filed, i hope you enjoy."

KWA ATP GBB Pistol Overview

Another overview video from Crawley Surplus Store, and they cover the KWA ATP Gas Blowback Pistol... "This week Dan has a long overdue play with KWA's Adaptive Training Pistol. KWA's latest addition to fill the gap left in the market from a certain firearms manufacturer's dislike of airsoft versions of their pistols."

KWA ATP Compact & SE Pistols Overview

An overview of what will be featured for the next issue of the Airsoft Insider Magazine of the KWA ATP Compact and SE Pistols by Booligan Airsoft... "KWA recently released a few new pistols in the ATP line, so let's give them a quick test! Full review of the ATP Compact can be found in Issue 14 of Airsoft Insider Magazine!"

SOCAL Tac Airsoft: KWA ATP Series

The KWA ATP Series are a succesful line of gas blowback pistols that are in the market for some years now. Southern California Tactical Airsoft checks them out to find out if they are still good gas blowback pistols for airsoft skirmishes and tactical training and the compact version will be released this month... "The KWA ATP Series. Amazing guns that I'm very sure you will enjoy. in addition to this review please take note of the following information.

KWA ATP 2015 Edition GBB Pistol Review

Airsoft Atlanta shows an updated version of the KWA ATP Gas Blowback Pistol in this review... "A review of the new and improved KWA ATP airsoft gas pistol. New for 2015, KWA updated its design and reliability for law enforcement training. Also for use as a regular airsoft playing pistol too, as it's very reliable and robust on the field.

An excellent police airsoft training pistol!"

KWA ATP GBB Pistol Now at Moaihobby

Moaihobby are stocking up on some of the popular products in the airsoft market, including the KWA Adaptive Training Pistol GBB (ATP) and its corresponding gas magazine... "The Adaptive Training Pistol, or ATP, is KWA’s first originally designed training pistol unique to the airsoft market. It was designed to resemble the fit and feel of familiar duty weapons currently used by law enforcement and select military groups.

Airsoft Atlanta KWA ATP Pistol Review

A much-sought after pistol, Airsoft Atlanta, which has this in stock for some time, now finds time to review this product... "KWA ATP airsoft gas pistol - the legendary handgun reviewed by Airsoft Atlanta. A great training pistol for police agencies looking to save on expensive equipment costs, and/or airsoft players wanting a solid out of the box gun."

Airsoftology Gear Guide: KWA ATP Auto

One of the more popular airsoft pistols, the KWA ATP Gas Blowback Pistol, recently had its full auto version released, Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology takes a look at this pistol in their Gear Guide but for the full review, better get the Airsoft Insider Magazine Issue No. 2 which is already out. But if you are happy with a quick video, then here's the Airsoftology Gear Guide video:

Airsoft Megastore: ATP Cops Full Auto

The Airsoft Megastore AMSTV crew are back with a new video which covers the KWA ATP Full Auto GBB Pistol and it's quite cool... "The ATP Cops are back! The hilarious duo is back in full auto along with Chief KWA Jim to show you just how good the KWA ATP Full Auto fires. Watch the video for laughs. As always, please don't try the stunts performed in this video at home."